New classrooms and an open library are being built at the school in Bolyarovo

New classrooms and an open library are being built at the school in Bolyarovo
New classrooms and an open library are being built at the school in Bolyarovo

Municipality of Bolyarovo

Photo: Svoboda Atanasova

New offices are being built at “Dr. Peter Beron” Secondary School before the new school year. And on September 12, all citizens are invited to the “Open Library” at the Cooperative Market in Bolyarovo

“Open Library” is the initiative of “Dr. Peter Beron” Secondary School, through which fiction from the library of the educational institution is aimed at finding new owners. The school’s surplus books will be on display on September 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cooperative Market and will be distributed free of charge to citizens who show interest in them.

On August 24, the Ministry of Education and Science confirmed that they will finance a project of Dr. Peter Beron University for the complete renovation of its library. According to the National program “Ensuring a modern, safe and accessible educational environment”, module “Libraries as an educational environment”, BGN 3,600 will be allocated. They will be used to purchase new books necessary for the educational process of students, as well as equipment for a new corner for reading. In parallel with this, literary talks, joint reading campaigns, calligraphy competitions, etc. are planned. Classes will also be held in the library of the “Vazrazhdane-1912” Municipal School in order for the children to recognize the library as an institution in the city and to awaken their interest in books.

This is the third project that SU “Dr. Peter Beron” successfully defended in just one summer. BGN 28,000 is the amount that is expected to be reimbursed from its budget for the summer camps for 50 children in Velikotarnovsko and Tryavna under the national program “Together Again”.

According to another project, two young girls were appointed as educational mediators. Funding for them is under the National Program “Support of educational mediators and social workers”. According to this program, an educational mediator has also been appointed in Stefan Karadzha Elementary School – Stefan Karadjovo.

The most anticipated good news for all was the successful first intake of eighth graders in the newly opened professional chef class. 19 students are accepted in it.

With the allocated BGN 50 thousand from the municipality, the repair and equipment of the specialized office, in which they will conduct their practical activities, is nearing completion. In parallel with this, an office of a resource teacher is being built.

On September 15, 10 first-graders will cross the school threshold, and pleasant surprises have been prepared for them. As every year, and now, gifts for all first graders are also provided by the mayor of the municipality

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