Volunteers from Varna help the injured in Karlovsko

Volunteers from Varna help the injured in Karlovsko
Volunteers from Varna help the injured in Karlovsko

Several dozen volunteers from all over the country are helping to clear the mud masses in the villages affected by the torrential rains and the overflowing of the Stryama River in Karlovsko.

At the moment, the efforts of the emergency teams are mainly focused on clearing the tons of mud and wood mass in the villages of Slatina, Bogdan, Karavelovo, Trilistnik.

Among the volunteers are three people from Varna, Kalin Bozhkov told Radio Varna, who together with colleagues from his company arrived in the village of Slatina with a dump truck and an excavator.

The road surfaces have been washed away, there are uninhabited houses, and the mud in the yards of the houses is a meter high. Water and food have been delivered to the victims. It will take months to rebuild the village, according to Bozhkov. According to him, the situation in the neighboring village of Bogdan is far worse.

There are volunteers, but no equipment, adds Kalin Bozhkov, who until recently lived in Canada.

Heavy equipment is needed to clear the silt and silt.

Attempts to open the road connecting Bogdan with neighboring Karavelovo are also ongoing.

For the fourth day, the local people are struggling with the consequences of the huge amounts of water, because of which the Stryama river came out of its bed and flooded dozens of houses, streets and roads.

You can hear more about the situation in the Karlovo village of Slatina from the conversation with Kalin Bozhkov in the sound file.

The photos from the village of Slatina are from the personal Facebook profile of Kalin Bozhkov.

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