They punished the “Botev” fan who injured a policeman at the derby in Plovdiv…

The 19-year-old football fan of “Botev”, who injured a policeman with pyrotechnics during the derby with the “Smurfs” of Lauta, has already received a punishment. He was found to have fired several flares using a pen-type device. After the 24-hour police arrest, an act was drawn up against him. The case was reported to the district prosecutor on duty, and by a decision of the District Court, the arsonist was banned from attending sports events for a period of up to 2 years and to perform 60 hours of community service, the police in the city under the hills informed “Maritsa”.

Law enforcement officers are actively working to establish the identity of other perpetrators of antisocial events at Lokomotiv Stadium. Before the start of the football match, a survey of the adjacent area around the stadium was also carried out, during which the officials found a certain amount of pyrotechnic articles hidden behind the entrance of the hosts’ rally. order and security measures at every sporting event, forensic experts are actively working on the recorded video recordings. In addition to identifying the perpetrators, relevant operational and search activities were also undertaken in order to establish their identity.

According to a preliminary plan and in order to protect the health and life of visitors to the stadium, even before the start of each sporting event, a strict control of visitors is carried out at the constructed entry and exit points of the stadiums. Special care is taken to prevent the possibility of bringing in protective gas sprays, corrosive or coloring substances, pyrotechnics, flammable liquids or other fire-hazardous materials /including torches/. In recent years, in order to counter football sports hooliganism and to establish violations in the area of ​​the stadiums, video surveillance control has also been carried out. The 19-year-old spectator was also detained with the help of the video surveillance, the police also reported.

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