A joint exhibition presents “Bulgarian seamstresses from the Ruse region”

Residents of Ruse and guests of the city will be able to touch some of the most emblematic and beautiful Bulgarian needlework from the Ruse region. They are now arranged on 12 boards in the city garden and can be viewed from September 6 to 22 inclusive. The joint exhibition is the work of Zdravka Dimitrova – author of the book album “Bulgarian seamstresses from the Ruse region”, her publishers “Softpress” and the Municipality of Ruse, which supported the event logistically.

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“Dear residents and guests of our beautiful Danube city, lovers of our traditions and folklore, friends of the unique Bulgarian vezba! I am proud that this exhibition is part of the holidays with which we celebrate the Unification of Eastern Rumelia with the Principality of Bulgaria and Independence Day”. With these words, the author Zdravka Dimitrova addressed Ruse residents and guests of the city on the eve of September 6. She recalled that for ten years she had been visiting the villages of the region in search of needlework that had reached us. “Inspired by what I was able to find, I set about reproducing them. The book contains over 300 reconstructed patterns made as I saw them on the original costume pieces. Bulgarian needlework was an integral part of the life of our ancestors both on weekdays and on holidays. I believe that it is up to us to pass on to the next generations the wealth that has reached us. My sincere wish through this album is for it to take its rightful place in our lives, in our homes and in our daily lives”, added Zdravka Dimitrova.


On the occasion of the exhibition, Milena Stefanova, director of the “Softpress” publishing house, shared that this is another way for some of the masterpieces of the Bulgarian Vesbeno art to reach a wider audience. “We should not forget the language of our grandfathers, the messages they left us through the peace and symbolism of the embroideries. I am convinced that this book of threads, which celebrates magical utopias, will stir the hearts of everyone who touches the exhibition,” said Milena Stefanova.


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“Zdravka manages to convey the history of our native region in a unique, warm and beautiful way. Because the embroidery is actually words that tell about the past of many families and clans from our Ruse region,” said the mayor on the occasion of the exhibition.


We remind you that the book album by Zdravka Dimitrova “Bulgarian seamstresses from the Ruse region” was presented in May in the crowded “Europe” hall of Dohodno Zdanie. The “Softpress” publication also received unreserved support from Hristo Stoichkov, who took part in the premiere with a special video message to the people of Rus.

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