Stand Up Bulgaria called on Minister Gechev for a full investigation into the indiscriminate logging that led to the floods

Volunteers from Stand Up Bulgaria, together with Maya Manolova, also participated in the cleanup today, personally, and with the provision of heavy equipment and water to help the flood-affected villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo. The party leader, in a video shared on her personal Facebook profile, called for empathy from all parties not only today but also in the coming days.
Maya Manolova ended her election campaign on the day of the tragic event, and all the efforts of the Stand Up Bulgaria teams in Plovdiv were focused on organizing and helping the victims. Manolova called on the other parties to direct all their attention to the destroyed villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo. “Financial help is also needed for the people here” – she also emphasized in her speech, calling on the official government for full compensation for the property of the victims: “People’s lives must be restored!”.
The leader of Stand Up Bulgaria also showed the bridge carried over the Balkan river – a result of the indiscriminate felling of the forests according to the residents of Karavelovo. According to the people of the village, massive logging and dumping of waste wood in the river valleys are among the main causes of the flooding.
“Bulgaria is probably the only country where the indiscriminate and ugly felling of the forest fills enterprises that make millions off the back of the Bulgarian forest!”. In her shared reports, Manolova addressed the acting Minister of Agriculture, Yavor Gechev, who, according to her, has been misled and a full investigation needs to be carried out. “There needs to be rules and regulation, and it’s high time the state stepped into its role as a regulator.” The root cause of the collapsed bridges, according to locals, is the ruined forest.
Maya Manolova has committed measures to save the Bulgarian forest to be among the first actions of her formation in the next parliament, together with a regulation limiting the mass use of wood by large enterprises, indiscriminately devouring the Bulgarian forest.
Based on the many signals received by Stand Up Bulgaria, they promised to make revelations about the destroyed forest, that the guilty should bear the consequences and that the truth would be shown.

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