Construction company BG Invest 76 is erecting more new buildings in top locations in Burgas (PHOTOS)

Construction company BG Invest 76 is erecting more new buildings in top locations in Burgas (PHOTOS)
Construction company BG Invest 76 is erecting more new buildings in top locations in Burgas (PHOTOS)

A few hours ago, the symbolic first sod of a new site – a boutique residential building – was laid in the “Lazur” residential complex.

05 September 2022Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Author: Flagman. Bg

The company’s new projects have already attracted attention

For more than a decade, BG Invest 76 has been a leader in the real estate market in Burgas. The company has created new homes for hundreds of families along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and the regional city. The buildings in the residential complex “Lazur”, residential complex “Meden Rudnik” and residential complex “Slaveikov”, “Vazrazhdane” have modern architecture and comfortably distributed living areas.

Quality construction, correctness, the high level of common parts in the buildings, the provided parking spaces and garages, as well as the fact that the properties of BG Invest 76 include the least common parts compared to other homes on the market, are the reasons for the company’s successful development.

The company’s new projects are once again on the territory of the city of Burgas. The “Lazur”, “Sunset View”, “VHTI Park” and “Bel Vue” buildings are located in communicative locations and have already attracted attention – in fact, the first greenfield sales.

The newly built Sunset View is located in an area with a distinctive location and a completely new infrastructure.

The building is conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of “Heart and Brain” Medical Center and University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, to main road arteries, from which you can quickly reach the center of Burgas, the exits to Sofia, Sozopol and Sarafovo airport, and minutes to the two malls in the city. Two of the big Hypermarkets, schools, kindergartens and bus stops are nearby.

“VHTI Park” has a built-up area of ​​18,000 square meters and will be mixed-use. As already wrote, the first sod of the residential building in the “Slaveykov” complex was officially laid on August 1.

The building is located in the immediate vicinity of the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” lengthwise and parallel to “Prof. Yakim Yakimov”. The location of the building is strategic – it is close to key road arteries, from which you can quickly reach the center of Burgas and the three exits from it. In just a few minutes by car or on foot, the distance to the two malls is covered, the large stores “Metro”, “Kaufland”, “Liddle”, “Aiko” and other preferred shopping chains are also extremely close.

Lazur Boutique Building is another wonderful place that is under construction and will house owners with refined taste and a sense of grace.

Elegance, style, class… these are the words that best describe the building that you will fall in love with as soon as you see it. Inspired by the high quality of life, the investor and builder company is again betting on an excellent location and uncompromising professionalism in the construction of modern residential construction. Hours ago, the symbolic first sod was laid here, marking the beginning of construction activities. The building is expected to be fully completed in the period of 12-24 months and released to its new owners. At the moment there are two free three-room apartments on non-last floors – 3rd and 6th. You can see them here:

The “Lazur” building is located in one of the most convenient and preferred areas for living in the city – “Mesta” street in the complex of the same name. The location is extremely strategic and prestigious – the building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Sea Garden, between 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment Street /Kraymorska Street/ and Demokratsia Blvd., with easy infrastructure access and a choice of public transport.

“Owning a property in the Lazur complex is not only a sign of a high standard of living, but also a guarantee that you have made an excellent investment in the long term,” commented BG Invest 76.

After the successful construction of the Sunny Life, Symphony 1 and Symphony 2 buildings in g.k. “Copper Mine”, from BG Invest 76, construction activities will soon start on “Bel Vue“, which will also be located in the largest residential complex in the Sea City.

The name of the object – “Bel Vue”, which translates as “beautiful view”, was not chosen by chance. Future new-home residents here will be able to enjoy a unique panorama of the city’s emblematic Lake Burgas.

The area of ​​the building around Zahari Stoyanov Blvd. is communicative and inhabited by young people. Kaufland store, Gazprom and Detsky gas stations are located meters from the building. There is also convenient public transport, a school, a kindergarten, a medical center and a pharmacy within walking distance.

BG Invest will once again remain faithful to quality construction combined with modern architecture. “All apartments in the residential buildings will be completed according to the Bulgarian State Standard”, says the manager of the company Nadezhda Nikolova

More details about the objects and properties for sale of BG Invest 76 can be obtained on site at the company’s offices, located on Alexander Georgiev-Kodjakafaliyata Blvd. and on Baba Ganka Square #4, as well as at the following contacts:

[email protected]




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