Disclosure: Why the Macedonian Prime Minister is coming to Sofia

Disclosure: Why the Macedonian Prime Minister is coming to Sofia
Disclosure: Why the Macedonian Prime Minister is coming to Sofia

Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski will ask Bulgaria to help his country with electricity in the winter, “24 Chasa” revealed. Kovachevski arrives in Sofia today and will meet with acting Prime Minister Galab Donev.

The meeting between the two was organized in recent days after talks between the heads of offices of Donev and Kovachevski, cabinet spokesman Anton Kutev explained to the newspaper. The announcement of the Council of Ministers states that the focus will be on energy issues.

Kovacevski arrived in our country after a visit to Belgrade, where he participated in the meeting of the countries of the Serbian initiative “Open Balkans”. There, he, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that they would jointly seek help to buy energy from the EU.

That Kovacevski will turn to Bulgaria for help became clear from an interview he gave to Serbian state television during his visit to Belgrade. In front of her, he announced that he was in communication with the Bulgarian authorities for the import of electricity produced here.

“Let’s say that we have a good cooperation, especially in the conditions of the current energy crisis, in view of the fact that Bulgaria is one of the countries in Europe that has a net surplus of electricity due to its nuclear power plant,” Kovacevski said, quoted by BNR. RSM extracts natural gas entirely through the Russian pipeline that passes through Bulgaria.

His visit to Sofia comes against the backdrop of his government’s attempts to gather a majority for constitutional changes to include Bulgarians in the RSM’s basic law. This is also one of the requirements for Skopje’s EU negotiations to begin. This issue is also expected to be discussed.

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