Back in time! Heat sweeps in from North Africa, orange k…

Back in time! Heat sweeps in from North Africa, orange k…
Back in time! Heat sweeps in from North Africa, orange k…

The air mass over the Balkans over the next five days will gradually stabilize and slowly warm. We expect a more significant increase in temperatures towards the end of the week, when the peninsula will gradually be covered by the transfer of a warmer air mass that comes from North Africa, but the atmosphere will also destabilize then. This is the forecast of the forecasters from Meteo Balkans (“Meteo Balkans”) for the next week.

In the first three days of the new week, the maximum temperatures will remain around the climatic norm for September, but the minimum temperatures will decrease and in the valleys of Western Bulgaria they will be lower for the period and in some areas they will be below 13°C. There will be foggy conditions in the morning hours in the lowlands and around river basins.

The weather on Monday

Clear and calm weather prevailed over most of the country on Monday night. We expect more clouds over the extreme southern regions and in some places it will rain and thunder. After midnight, the clouds there will also break and decrease.

Fog will form in the Danube plain and around the river basins. It will stay cool for early September. The lowest temperatures will be in the valley fields of Western and Central Bulgaria – up to 13°-15°С, and above the rest the values ​​will be between 15°С – 18°С. The wind will die down around midnight.

On the first day of the new week, most of the country will stay with scattered clouds. In the afternoon, cumulus-rain clouds will develop over the mountainous regions of Western and Southern Bulgaria and light rain will fall in isolated places. Over the rest of the country, the weather will remain without precipitation. The maximum temperatures will drop and will be between 20-25°С, slightly higher in South-Western Bulgaria – up to 25-26°С. The wind will be weak from the northeast.

The weather on the Black Sea: The day will start with reduced visibility and light rain. It will be mostly sunny during the day. Temperatures will be between 22-24°C, seawater – around 23°-24°. A light northeast wind will blow. The excitement of the sea will be 1-3 points.

The weather in Sofia: On the night of Monday from the west, the cloudiness will gradually increase and it is possible that it will rain and thunder in places until midnight. Sunny weather will prevail during the day, with temporary increases in cloud cover in the afternoon. The minimum temperatures will be one of the lowest in Bulgaria – between 13-14°C, and the maximum – up to 22°C.

Weather in the mountains: Remains cool, with low temperatures in the morning hours. It will remain cloudy during the day. In the afternoon, cumulus clouds will appear and light rain will fall in places in the Rilo-Rhodope massif. A moderate wind will blow from the northeast, and in the higher parts – up to a strong north wind. The maximum temperature at 1200-1300 meters will be around 15°, at 2000 meters – around 9°.

The weather in the Balkans

On the night of Monday, an approaching atmospheric disturbance will destabilize the air mass over Greece. Mainly in the afternoon in the mountainous regions and Greece, cumulus-rain clouds will develop and torrential rains will fall. The risk of local flooding also increases. It is for these areas that a dangerous weather code orange has been issued.

It will be mostly sunny over the rest of the peninsula, but it will stay cool for September.

Meteo Balkans forecasters have issued a map with severe weather warnings valid for Monday. (Note: the storms will be Monday night and into the afternoon. The map shows where they are most likely, but the storms will not cover the entire area).

The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday

During the next three days, the air mass over the country will remain stable. The weather will be partly cloudy, but foggy in the morning hours. The wind from the east will weaken. We expect temporary increases in cloudiness after noon over the mountainous regions in Western and Central Bulgaria, and light rain will fall in some places. Daytime temperatures will rise but remain cooler for the period. The expected minimum degrees will be between 12-14°C, and the maximum will be between 24-26°C.

The Balkan Peninsula will gradually be covered by the transfer of a warmer air mass that comes from North Africa. We expect a significant increase in temperatures and in many places they will exceed 30 °C. The wind will turn from the southwest and weaken. We expect more sunny hours. Maximum temperatures for Thursday and Friday will be between 28-33°C.

On Friday, the cloudiness will be mostly medium and high, but by the end of the day and around the evening over more areas in Western Bulgaria, a cumulus-rainy cloud will develop and torrential rain will fall.

Weekend weather

During the weekend we expect the passage of a series of atmospheric disturbances. Temperatures everywhere will drop below 25°C. Precipitation will be typical autumn, and it will be moderate in intensity. There is also a high chance of thunderstorms. The wind will shift from the north-west, bringing colder air with it.

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