Easy Job: Born to Rule

Easy Job: Born to Rule
Easy Job: Born to Rule

A week ago, I told you how, while riding in a taxi, the driver took pride of place in my “Amazing Images” gallery with the very first sentence:

– Hey, what’s this colleague doing?! Eventually I’ll get mad and buy a villa in Hawaii.

I suppose that with time and with each subsequent client, the stories became more and more interesting, they grew, they became more beautiful, they took on an even more attractive and charming look.

Most importantly: they sounded authentic. No interference by Woodhouse. Not even the faintest hint of Jeeves. It seemed that I was listening from the source.

Naturally, we couldn’t do without the instructive lessons on politics, economics, politics, history, politics and … again politics.

Each lesson began with the message: “It’s very simple, but nobody does it.”

Hmmm… This reminded me that once upon a time, long ago, at the solemn ceremony of predicting the future of the nations until they reached us – the Bulgarians, the celebration was already nearing its end and such strong alcohol was swallowed that the orisnica, before falling under the table with three percent in the blood, rained down:

– The Bulgarians? I picture them all becoming prime ministers, however…- and here devilish flames lit up in her reddened eyes: – Ha, ha, if they were appointed to another position…

Since after these words, the oryx fell to the floor and sank into a deep drunken sleep, the Committee for the Implementation and Control of Precepts had no way to clarify in detail what exactly was meant.

For this reason, from time immemorial, the whole nation is born fully prepared to rule the state, but something different has to work.

My taxi driver’s selection of stories also included two dramas.

The first, related to a state university, where they announced that there was no interest in one of the majors.

The son of his acquaintances came to the office to submit documents for the specialty in question and the employee refused to accept them with the explanation that, as they had already announced, no one was interested in this specialty. The young man was surprised:

– How so? Am I nobody? Obviously I’m interested.

And the employee replied:

– No, no, you have no interest. Goodbye! Until the next academic year.

After all, the narrator had calculated how many potential candidates might have been returned in the same way. According to his accounts, it may even be the most sought-after specialty… And why do people refuse them?

The second drama was also stunning.

My new acquaintance drove an employee of a utility company to his office and had to wait half an hour under the wide open windows. There he unwittingly overheard the following discussion of accounts:

– Let’s write 30 BGN to Mrs. Hicks.

– Ah… how about 30? Write her 180 BGN. She gets a very high salary.

– What about Mr. Igrek?

– He has at least a BGN 200 bill for this month. It’s giving me trouble. Found someone to pick on!

I stop here with the retelling.

Tomorrow is Union Day.

May the holiday be bright!

In relation to the fact that strength is in the union, I believe that a constructive approach will make us stronger.

In our free time, we can tell all kinds of stories for fun and entertainment, expand plots and add images to make it more interesting.

In the case of the taxi driver, it must also have been a matter of marketing strategy. But beyond the sweet talk, even though we are a “prime” nation, it would be great if everyone knew what they were getting into and did it consciously and with good results.

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