Supporters of PP and DB are preparing a general pre-election demonstration

Supporters of PP and DB are preparing a general pre-election demonstration
Supporters of PP and DB are preparing a general pre-election demonstration

However, DB replied that the event was not part of the formation’s official calendar

Although PP and DB did not reach a common turnout, their supporters are preparing a joint pre-election demonstration. The initiative is on the Facebook group “We continue together”. According to the description, it is made up of volunteers supporting both formations. And what is being prepared is large-scale – a procession at the same time in Sofia, cities in the country and abroad.

The event has the motto “Together for an independent Bulgaria”. The date is September 18, 5 p.m. – in Sofia in front of the National Assembly, in Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Burgas, Stara Zagora, London (3 p.m. local time). The event was announced on social networks with a call: “Let all the supporters of Continue the Change and Democratic Bulgaria march side by side on 18.09.2022 in support of democracy. Together, all of us who are fed up with lawlessness and mafia rule in Bulgaria , to declare clear support for PP and DB for victory in the elections in the name of Independent Bulgaria”. Apparently, the event was inspired by Independence Day. But it falls during the week, so the procession has been moved to Sunday.

Supporters of the two formations protested together in June in support of the government and the suspended Speaker of the National Assembly, Nikola Minchev. It was then that they realized how close they were. This was also the reason why the DB invited the PP to a pre-election coalition, and the PP, although it did not respond, stated that it hoped that after the vote they would govern together (plus the BSP). But the manifestation is interesting for two things. First, it is unheard of and unheard of for two formations to hold a joint event within the framework of an election campaign. Second, despite the similarities, some DB activists are currently struggling to proclaim the differences between DB and PP, because until October 2 they are competitors – and the march aims to “load” them into a common wagon.


A few hours after Sega’s publication came DB’s disassociation from the event. The formation stated: “The general manifestation, organized by sympathizers, is an initiative of democratically thinking people who have their own vision and the right to organize events and events that reflect their positions. “Democratic Bulgaria” as a political force that defends free initiative and strong civil society, we cannot and do not want to influence the will of free citizens on whether and in what way to self-organize, be it within the framework of an election campaign. The event organized by the citizens united in the Facebook group “We continue together” is not part of the official calendar of pre-election initiatives of “Democratic Bulgaria”.

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