The renovation of one of the landmarks of Stara Zagora – the Summer Theater – has been completed

The renovation of one of the landmarks of Stara Zagora – the Summer Theater – has been completed. The music stage, which is part of the largest park in the city – “Metropolitan Metodiy Kusev”, is waiting for its first performer – the emblem of Bulgarian music, Lili Ivanova. In this way, the facility, which has over 1,600 seats, will be officially opened. Today, it is expected that the last part of the necessary documentation to complete the complete reconstruction of the facility will be a fact.

The summer theater was opened in 1959 and has not been fully renovated since then. The value of the project for its new look is BGN 3,072,754, and the financing is from the Fund for Sustainable Cities. The executor of the activities is DZZD “THEATER 2020”. The author of the vision is a design team led by arch. Yavor Yanulov and landscape architect. Cornelia Matorova. Construction supervision was carried out by the “MG” team. The total area of ​​the site is 3800 m2, of which 1330 m2 are green areas.

The main goal of the complete renovation project was to preserve the existing symbiosis between the open theater and the surrounding greenery, giving the opportunity to hold concerts, performances, festivals, opera and theater productions and other events of a cultural nature. The activities, which started in 2021, included renovation of the base, which improved its functionality, a new stage within the old dimensions, replacement of the seats, as well as the construction of an accessible environment for disadvantaged people. The pergola, made of metal construction with a lattice structure, gives a finished look to the stage and the orchestra, but is also maximally sparing of the existing tree vegetation. Part of the pergola is openwork, which ensures free passage of the trunks of the existing trees.

Milena Zheleva, the deputy mayor for culture, tourism and youth activities of Stara Zagora Municipality, specified that the interest in the Summer Theater is great. By the end of the summer, several more big concerts are expected, and a date has already been reserved for a musical event in the summer of next year.

We remind you that for tomorrow’s event – the concert of the prima of Bulgarian music Lili Ivanova, the Municipality of Stara Zagora provides a buffer zone for car parking. Access to the area around the south entrance of Beroe Stadium will be free.


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