Stefan Yanev presented in Plovdiv the main priorities for the “Bulgarian Rise” PP

Stefan Yanev presented in Plovdiv the main priorities for the “Bulgarian Rise” PP
Stefan Yanev presented in Plovdiv the main priorities for the “Bulgarian Rise” PP

PP “Bulgarian Rise” opened its election campaign in Plovdiv a few days ago. As the main priorities of the party, the leader Stefan Yanev defined the demographic catastrophe in the country, which can be defined as the “crisis of crises”.

Today, the chairman of the political party “Bulgarian Rise” initiated a conference with international participation, where current political topics and economic solutions to deal with the crisis in the country were discussed.

During the event, held at the Grand Hotel Plovdiv, political and economic experts from London, Palma de Mallorca, Israel and the USA took part via video conference.

At the organized round table, two main points were on the agenda – global liberalism and conservatism in the future of Europe and the search for long-term solutions for the Bulgarian economy and its current crises.

In front of a reporter on TrafficNews, the former caretaker prime minister shared the main priorities for the party and the tools with which the country can deal with the many crises. Stefan Yanev also commented on the issue of gas supplies and the devastated villages in Karlovsko.

In its campaign, PP “Bulgarian Rise” will bet on a purely economic plan in search of long-term solutions for the development of the Bulgarian economy.

“We will rely on investment in industries that can bring high added value to the Bulgarian economy. Specialists are needed who will develop in these industries. They must be paid well enough to have a reason to develop personally, respectively to develop the industry and the Bulgarian economy.

We need a rate of growth that is greater than before, and God forbid it be double and triple. This is the long-term program we are aiming for. Development of the economy in many sectors, above all in production with high added value”, said Stefan Yanev.

The chairman of the PP “Bulgarian Rise” also commented on the issue of gas supplies and the gas crisis, saying that “there will be gas”, but this issue should not be politicized.

“The policy to ensure the regular supply of gas can be directed in the most widely open conversations with all types of suppliers. There will be gas, but this issue should not be politicized, but left in the hands of people who understand this trade,” said Yanev.

Regarding the prioritization of the crises, the former caretaker prime minister said that “the many crises must be solved together, but the priorities always come down to the areas that affect the people at the moment.”

Stefan Yanev also commented on the Plovdiv villages affected by the floods, thanking the state institutions and all the volunteers who participated in rescuing people. According to him, the most important thing is that we did not allow a human sacrifice.

“From now on, it is most important to focus efforts on getting the affected people back to their normal way of life as soon as possible.” Our efforts are also directed in this direction”, Stefan Yanev also commented.

He added that “Bulgarski Vozhod” PE is organizing a donation campaign to collect essential items, and several deliveries have already been made to the affected municipalities.

When asked what tools they offer to solve the demographic crisis in the country, Stefan Yanev said:

“The tools we offer are two. I mentioned the topic of the economy. Finding a way to make investments, meaningful investments in industry and in productions with higher added value. People will naturally seek fulfillment in these types of jobs that pay seriously. This is a serious tool and if successful, many Bulgarian citizens who live outside the borders of the country may choose to return to their own country and develop and raise their children in the homeland.

The second direction is to turn to that typical diaspora of foreign citizens of Bulgarian origin. Such as there are in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, the neighboring countries, to which we can offer an option for faster and easier access to the Bulgarian education system, to the Bulgarian labor market. Thus, these people will be able to settle in Bulgaria much more easily. To have the opportunity to work, to have the opportunity to raise their children here and after a stay of several years, to receive the full rights of Bulgarian citizens.”

Regarding the topic of possible coalitions after the elections, Stefan Yanev said that first you need to see real results and then do the math.

“This is the most complicated and the most difficult issue before an election. Usually, the answer to this question is given after the elections themselves, when the real results are seen – which party has what electoral weight and what could be done. Currently, this arithmetic has many unknowns. Let’s wait for the vote to see what the Bulgarian people will decide.

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