On September 13, the festival “Hello, Cosmos!” will be held. Speak Bulgaria! 2.0″

On September 13, the festival “Hello, Cosmos!” will be held. Speak Bulgaria! 2.0″
On September 13, the festival “Hello, Cosmos!” will be held. Speak Bulgaria! 2.0″

On September 13, you can immerse yourself in the magic of the festival “Hello, Cosmos!” Speak Bulgaria! 2.0″, organized by the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria, with the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria. Scientists from Bulgaria and the world will ignite the imagination of young and old on September 13 in Sofia Tech Park.

There will be a virtual walk around CERN, a live connection will take place with the first NASA astronaut mother – Anna Fisher. The sky above Sofia Tech Park will welcome the pilot, world record holder – Nikolay Kalaidzhiev, who will perform a special flight for us.

If you want to ask a question to the astronaut Anna Fisher – the first mother in space, as well as to CERN scientists, go to “Sofia Tech Park”. There until September 4th, inclusive, you can record your questions. Or do it with your mobile your phone. The second important thing is that all the workshops that will accompany the event will be pre-registered. It has already started. Otherwise, why was Anna Fischer chosen this year to answer the children’s questions.

“She will present her science and her experience with NASA missions in a popular way. She will also talk about her passion for being an astronaut and how it has affected her lifestyle. Then we will have questions that will be asked and selected by children up to the age of 12. They can ask any questions that excite them about the life of an astronaut. There will also be questions from students who will be a little more scientifically oriented,” Assoc. Milena Georgieva from the laboratory of molecular genetics at the BAS.

In addition to questions about CERN, children will now be able to virtually enter to explore the site where evidence of the Higgs boson was discovered.

Emmanuel Yankulov of the Academy of Robotics said that a simulation of CERN was made in the game “Minecraft”. And the goal is to motivate children to do science.

With the game “Minecraft” can be programmed and accordingly we have such a course that is made for children so that they can also learn programming, while they play they play themselves and inside they can build houses and farms all sorts of things. We created a model of CERN with the Hadron Collider inside so the kids could program the character to play inside.”

Emmanuel Yankulov from the Robotics Academy said that during the forum, children will be able to assemble robots themselves to deliver food to the International Space Station. In general, this year “Hello, Cosmos!” Speak Bulgaria!” will bring together all those activities that are important for future space explorers. That is why Rositsa Yaneva from the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute will introduce children to Antarctica, which inspires scientists to search for new types of life even in the most unfavorable conditions.

“How Antarctica inspires other scientists and especially teenagers and children can give answers about how to live in such extreme conditions and why exactly NASA chooses the South Pole as a place to train astronauts. Antarctica is one of the coldest, clean and dry places on our planet and a prerequisite is created for conducting new scientific research”.

Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov from the Department of Astronomy at the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University will show the Sun with a telescope.

“For me personally as a science communicator and as an astrophysicist, it is important to have as many events as possible, which allows everyone regardless of his or her age and education to touch the front line of science and on September 13, everyone will be able to see the Sun, look for traces of spots in it, what is the activity of the Sun, because science is not only inspiration, it is observational work. We are now on the threshold of the next revolution in lunar exploration.”

What is quantum communication, physics and other secrets promise to reveal to children scientists. And precisely for the sake of making them dream of going to space. Tatyana Ivanova – the girl who is training to be an astronaut at NASA, will also help the younger ones. She even promised to be a mentor to a Bulgarian boy who wants to go to space.

“Regarding the contest we run for school-aged children, I think the upper limit is 18 years old.”

You can hear more in the sound file.

You can hear more in the sound file.

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