Burgas liked for the first land-sea-air rescue service

Burgas liked for the first land-sea-air rescue service
Burgas liked for the first land-sea-air rescue service

The idea is of Spider-Man Ivan Kristof, the municipality and the maritime community are ready to help

The task force will have an air ambulance, respond within an hour and broadcast live

The volunteer station will be at the port

The first Sea-Air-Land sea rescue service of its kind with land, sea and air means to work with a self-built hybrid monitoring system can operate in Burgas.

It was the idea of ​​the high-altitude rescue expert Ivan Kristof, known abroad as Spider-Man. According to him, through satellites, cellular and analog communications

the technique can be used by both Bulgarian and Turkish coordination centers for disasters and accidents

According to the preliminary plans, the specialized unit will be made up of volunteers and will be located at Burgas Port.

The unit will have an SOS helicopter with which it will search and rescue by air, land and sea, reveals Ivan Kristof. According to him, so

it will be possible to react within the golden medical hour

Port of Burgas can become the main rescue point on the eastern border of the EU by sea from Romania to Turkey, as well as inside our country. With the support of the Maritime Administration, the Municipality of Burgas and the Ministry of the Interior, in coordination with the Border Police and the Navy, we will have the most effective security and safety system, Ivan Kristof is convinced.

One of the causes to which the extreme Bulgarian has dedicated himself is

to train saviors of the future. This is an experimental program,

in which children and youth can be trained for the new generation of rescuers. They will assist in extreme and highly risky situations at depths and heights, responding within an hour.

In addition, the saviors of the future will provide real-time live video streaming, says Spider-Man. He has already presented his concept to the municipal administration and the managers of the port and the Maritime Administration, from where they have promised him assistance.

“Port of Burgas will support Ivan Kristof’s project logistically and with additional technical means.

The municipality of Burgas has a highly developed port infrastructure, we have a yacht port, so it is important to ensure security. Rescue is always a priority for the maritime community, so we stand behind this idea. In addition, the international experience that Ivan Kristof has is also important”, Diyan Dimov, director of the port, commented to “24 Chasa”.

According to Christophe, it is imperative to improve coordination between volunteer and rescue services. “I presented my ideas to the mayor, Dimitar Nikolov, who responded very professionally and pragmatically. The news that Burgas is developing rescue efficiency in an innovative way,

it will certainly affect tourism as well

International tour operators would promote the destination more actively, because the air rescue insurance will apply to their customers”, Ivan Kristof is convinced.

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