Yotova: How to stop dependence on “Gazprom” when we have continued to buy from there, but with intermediaries and more expensively

“How can we stop dependence on Gazprom when we have continued to buy gas from Gazprom, only a little more expensively and through several intermediary companies,” Vice President Iliana Yotova commented to Nova TV.

According to her, the official cabinet has put all possibilities for gas supply on the table.

“No one said that Gazprom is the best,” Yotova pointed out and added that diversification in Europe should have started in 2014, after Crimea.

“The tankers – there was talk of them being seven, it turned out to me that there were three and how to buy them with no unloading slots. You don’t think that in this crisis someone will wait for us to find a slot to unload,” Yotova also pointed out.

“What the Bulgarian government should have done was not to stop supplies to Gazprom, but to sit down and build a clear strategy with partners in Europe – how to act; what is a sanction and what is not. You see that even now there are countries that take gas from Gazprom”, commented the vice president.

“Each minister in the official cabinet can appoint people to work with. This is necessary mainly because the previous cabinet showed that it does not know how to manage itself. I am adamant about that! You can’t work with people who have shown that they can’t work,” Yotova replied to a question about why the service cabinet removes people from ministries and state enterprises.

“There are people you can’t trust at all, reports have been filed against them,” she added and pointed out that the next regular cabinet could bring back the old ones or recognize those who are currently there because they are experts.

Iliana Yotova also commented on the water disaster that befell several villages in Karlovsko. According to her, the sum of BGN 370, which the state grants in the form of aid for the injured families in the region, is minimal and “none”.

“This is a consequence of unfinished business. There are four things that are mandatory and must be done. First – clear regulation of who should be engaged in this activity. Second – financial security. Thirdly, a considerable amount of agricultural production suffered. That is one of the things that must be done now – very quickly, very expeditiously to calculate these damages and compensate people accordingly. And fourth – Bulgaria very rarely reaches for another instrument, which I have seen in my previous practice many countries resort to, and successfully. This is a very quick calculation of the damage and an application for the Solidarity Fund, the vice president believes.

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