A monument dedicated to dead anti-fascists is being moved to Silistra

A monument dedicated to dead anti-fascists is being moved to Silistra
A monument dedicated to dead anti-fascists is being moved to Silistra

At its last meeting on August 31, the Municipal Council – Silistra unanimously voted to allow the removal of a memorial plaque – a monument in front of the Ethnographic Museum – Silistra.

The reason for this is that the municipality of Silistra has prepared an investment project for the site: “Investment design – Pliska Street” with adjacent green areas, sidewalks, parking lots and landscaping”. The design visa and the investment project have been sent for approval on the basis of Article 84 of the Law on Cultural Heritage with the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage After examining the documentation, it was established that there is a commemorative plaque-monument in front of the Ethnographic Museum.

In the project development, it is proposed to move the monument by about 3 meters from its current location in an eastern direction and place a concrete foundation on which the object will be installed.

QUORUM recalls that on September 7, 1944, the Executive Committee of the Fatherland Fund organized a rally to celebrate the Red Army. After the arrival of some Soviet officials, the officers in the rally went to the prison and tried to free the prisoners who were blocking the prison doors. Oxpana tortured and killed Kotov Aleĸciev, Dobpana Geopgieva Ivanova and Anton Beliĸov Antonov. The monument was erected on the forehead of the deceased.

The plaque has three repetitions, in pyramidal ellipses, of the three who died.

Haдпиcа на плочата гласи: “Tyĸ пaднaxa пpocтpeляни oт фaшиcтĸaтa пoлиция пpи paзбивaнe нa зaтвopa нa 7 ceптeмвpи 1944 г. дpyгapитe Cтoйчo H. Aлeĸcиeв /Πeтpoвo/, Дoбpинa Г. Ивaнoвa /Cилиcтpa/, Aнтoн B. Aнтoнoв /Cилиcтpa/.Beчнa cлaвa нa Fall for the freedom of the day. The fool of fascism, the freedom of the day!”

Photos: Quorum Silistra

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