Yotova: BGN 370 for the victims in Karlovsko – this is no help at all

Yotova: BGN 370 for the victims in Karlovsko – this is no help at all
Yotova: BGN 370 for the victims in Karlovsko – this is no help at all

“One of the biggest mistakes of the previous administration was not knowing how to govern”. This was stated by the Vice President Iliana Yotova.

Asked if the Bulgarian president knew about the idea of ​​our country becoming a presidential republic, Yotova answered in the negative. She called herself a “convinced parliamentarian”.

The vice president commented on the gas crisis by saying:

“How can dependence on Gazprom be stopped when we have continued to buy gas from Gazprom, only a little more expensive through several intermediary companies. Nobody said that the panacea is Gazprom. According to her, the official cabinet has made the most honest policy by putting all options for discussion on the table. According to Yotova, diversification should have happened already in 2014 after Crimea.

“To secure the heating season, we need to find the best conditions. Obviously, it will be a mix of all these possibilities”, says Iliyana Yotova. She believes that our government should not have been in a hurry, but should have waited for its partners from the European Union, with whom we could have a common European policy regarding payments to Gazprom.

Yotova also spoke to Nova about the water disaster that befell several villages in Karlovsko. According to her, the sum of BGN 370, which the state provides in the form of aid for the injured families in the region, is minimal and “none”.

“This is a consequence of unfinished business. There are four things that are mandatory and must be done. First – clear regulation of who should be engaged in this activity. Second – financial security. Thirdly, a considerable amount of agricultural production suffered. That is one of the things that must be done now – very quickly, very expeditiously to calculate these damages and compensate people accordingly. And fourth – Bulgaria very rarely reaches for another instrument, which I have seen in my previous practice many countries resort to, and successfully. This is a very quick calculation of the damages and an application for the Solidarity Fund, according to the vice president.

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