Georgi Korchev from Ruse joins “The Farm”

“Farm” 8 is now in full composition – here is the second batch of participants in the reality show


Veselka Marinova

Veselka Marinova is 25 years old, from the village of Borima, but lives in Troyan. Winner in “The Farm” 5.

She enters the fifth season of the show as the girl from the village of Borima, and exits as the first female winner of “The Farm”. He begins the adventure timidly, but gradually gains courage, strength and wisdom. Makes great friendships.

After leaving the “Farm”, Veselka takes steps towards her independence. She separated from her husband and moved with her children to Troyan. He stopped logging, sold his horses and started making souvenirs and jewelry. He graduated from a technical school with the specialty “Forest Forester”.

Veselka does not stop there. With the prize from his participation in “The Farm”, he buys an old house in the village of Borima, which he is thinking of consolidating and turning into a guest house. He enters the new season of the show as a strong veteran with a claim to victory.

Valeria Docheva

Valeria Docheva is 28 years old, from Stara Zagora, but lives in Burgas. Rhythmic gymnastics coach and tabata instructor. She is known from “The Farm” 3.

Her participation in the third season of the show went like a dream. She only remembers the love drama she went through. Now, several years later, she is more mature and “happily free”. “I say most seriously and responsibly, no love dramas this time! I have promised both my father and my cousin. If a man talks to me, I’ll turn the other way!” Valeria laughs.

For two years she taught rhythmic gymnastics in Croatia, but felt lonely abroad and returned to Bulgaria. Now he pursues his dream of having his own sports center. “Everything in my life started to line up the way I wanted. At that moment came the best – the offer to enter the “Farm” for the second time and experience the adventure again”she says.

Lilia Semkova

Lilia Semkova is 27 years old, a Bessarabian Bulgarian from Ukraine, but lives in Sofia. A singer.

She became popular with her participation in the fourth season of “The Farm”. In the show, she learns to work on an equal footing with men, to survive in difficult conditions and to cook for everyone. However, in those days he lacks self-confidence and suffers from many complexes. “It wasn’t until I put on the costume and looked in the mirror that I realized I wasn’t an insecure little girl, but a beautiful, strong woman”says Lilia.

After leaving the show, her singing career took off. He receives invitations to participate, makes original pieces and videos. “I feel the love of people, but personally I am very lonely. I haven’t found the person next to me and I haven’t started a family yet, but I feel ready for it and I want it”she claims.

Lilia defines herself as a traditionalist with a modern twist. He enters the new season of The Farm to remind everyone that without customs, folklore and history, we have no future.

Nina Gadeva

Nina Gadeva is 32 years old from Plovdiv. Teacher.

In the fourth season of “The Farm” she is part of the expatriate group. Together with the other participants, they found Grandfather Petko’s dilapidated house, which they had to restore. “There were an awful lot of difficulties, but I loved the work, the history lessons, the dinners by the fire, the laughter, the closeness to the land and the contact with the animals”says Nina.

After leaving the “Farm” he immediately gets on the plane to go home to his family in England. On the way, he cries because he does not want to live abroad, far from his roots. Not long after, she returned with her husband to Plovdiv. They start their lives over. Nina became a teacher in the village, and started a small business with children’s cosmetics. Today she feels satisfied and appreciated.

She enters the new season of The Farm to be useful with her messages. “I will be really happy if I manage to be an example for young teachers or to give courage to someone to return to Bulgaria”she says.

Vanya Ilieva

Vanya Ilieva is 38 years old, from Sofia, a yacht stewardess. Winner in “The Farm” 6.

She is popularly known as Happy Vanche because of her eternal smile and never-ending energy. “At the Farm, I learned everything – to chop wood, to knead bread, to cook lentils, to be strong. When we accomplished our mission, the feeling was great”says the winner of the show’s sixth season.

After “The Farm”, Vanya, who worked as a yacht stewardess for years, stayed in Bulgaria. It is difficult for her to build her life here, but she fights and does not give up. She still hasn’t spent a penny of her prize because she didn’t expect it and hasn’t decided what to invest the money in. “For me, the great value was the adventure”she shares.

At the threshold of the “Farm” 8 feels worried, but also excited. “This show is not simple reality showsa school of life”says Happy Vanche categorically.

Alyona Mihailova

Alyona Mihailova is 39 years old, from St. Petersburg, but lives in Sliven. He is developing a restaurant equipment company.

Her mother is Ukrainian, her father is Russian. She defines herself as Bulgarian.

Loud, self-confident and assertive, Alyona does not like to lose. He is a Season 1 veteran of The Farm. She still remembers the difficulties she and the other participants faced. She believes that in her previous participation she did not show all of herself, so now she returns to the show, ready to reveal herself fully.


Alyona is a happy mother and wife. She and her husband are developing a company for restaurant equipment. They live in Sliven. “I love this city, for me it is the golden center of Bulgaria! To this day, I don’t regret for a second that I chose him over St. Petersburg”she says.


Evgeni Koev

Evgeni Koev is 25 years old, from Kazanlak. Hereditary policeman.

Everyone in his family is a police officer – his grandfather, his father, his uncle. His brother also wants to enter the profession.

Evgeni is a modern young man, but he is connected to the past of his native region and his family. He lives in Kazanlak with his wife. They got married young and are not in a hurry to have children yet. They raise a lot of domestic animals, and he makes appetizers and brandies. Plays wind instruments, drum and drums. He enters the “Farm” with his bagpipe.


“My grandfather taught me everything. He looked at me, made me the person I am. His death is the saddest moment of my life. My participation in The Farm is my way of paying my respects to him. Grandpa dreamed of seeing me on the show,” says Evgeny.

Vladislav Simanel

Vladislav Simanel is 32 years old, born in Vilnius, lives in Sofia. Nutritionist and fitness trainer. He is popular as Mr. Carrot because of his love for the plant, which he uses in various dishes.

“I am an international person. My mother is from Ukraine, my father is from Belarus. They met in Latvia and I was born in Lithuania”, he explains. At the age of 21, he went to London, but after many failed attempts to find a job in the fashion industry, he became a barman in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. He suppresses himself, becomes depressed, gains weight. This is the reason why he became interested in healthy eating. He became a nutritionist and fitness trainer.

In the meantime, he meets a Bulgarian woman, they get married and come to our country. They separated 2 years ago, but he remains in our country. He continues to deal with healthy eating and develops a business with scented socks. He meets a girl from Uzbekistan and they both do not want to leave Bulgaria. “I live once and I want to try everything in this world. My new goal is to win The Farmclaims Vladislav.

George Dimitrov

Georgi Dimitrov is 33 years old, from Sofia. Sales Representative.

“I am an ordinary person. I’m not greedy, I’m happy with my life, I’m kind, I love my family and I’m happy. These are the things that set me apart from other people.”he says.

Georgi is a former basketball player from Lokomotiv, and his great passion is video games. He is a dedicated gamer. He is ready to fiercely argue with anyone who claims that computer games are harmful. His other great passion is numismatics. Every Saturday is the battle in search of “treasures”.


He lived in Denmark for a long time, married a Bulgarian woman, they have two daughters. Three years ago, everyone finally returned to Bulgaria. The family spends their free time at their villa in the village of Borika. “Working there gives me confidence that I can handle anything at The Farmsays Georgi.

Radoslav Kolev

Radoslav Kolev is 34 years old, from Sofia. Fitness trainer and basketball player.

“I was born into a family without male support, but I became deeply loved, respected and indispensable. Life forced me from a young age to fight it. When I was 3 years old, my male parent abandoned me and my sister. However, with the help of our mother, we are healthy and educated to a master’s degree”says the basketball player and captain of Lokomotiv Sofia.

Rado’s great passion is his work as a fitness trainer and his activities with children. He wants to be an example to the youngest and help them to love sports. With this ambition, he founded the sports club “Bulgari” last year. In the last year, he devoted himself to his dream of a film career. He graduated in acting and took stunt courses at the Cinema Center.

His goal is to win the “Farm” and invest the big prize in the sports base of his club.

Ivan Trifonov

Ivan Trifonov is 35 years old, from Sofia. Unemployed.

He graduated from a sports school and then the Forestry University. Graduated agronomist. He has been professionally shooting for 12 years and is part of our national team.

Before the pandemic, he performed comprehensive building maintenance. The coronavirus killed his business because people are already working from home en masse and offices are closing.

Ivan is not an easy character. “People around me would most likely say that I am wild, unbridled and daring. I keep nothing to myself and those who don’t know me are offended. In fact, I am a person who does not tolerate hypocrisy, betrayal and animal abuse”he explains.

Since he was a child, he preferred to be in the fields, the forest or the marshes around Sofia, and study various “creatures”. He wants to hear birds, not horns, and see trees and clouds, not cars and buildings. His great passion is ornithology and sea fishing.

He enters the “Farm” with the intention of making real friends.

Kalin Evtimov

Kalin Evtimov is 35 years old, from Sofia, but lives in Dolna Dikanya. Builder.

He grew up in a family of athletes and is a three-time handball champion. He won the Cup of Bulgaria, participated in European and world championships. In 2008, he went to play in Cyprus, where he met his future wife – Ukrainian and also a handball player.

A year after they met, the two got married and moved back to Bulgaria. A daughter is born to them. After the war in Ukraine broke out, they managed to bring most of his wife’s relatives and friends to Bulgaria.

Kalin has a repair crew, his business is doing well. Recently, he and his family left Sofia to settle in the village of Dolna Dikanya.

“I love racing. The Farm isn’t just about fighting, though, it’s a show with a cause. I love tradition and history, and I think I have the qualities to get ahead in the game.”he says.

Georgi Korchev

Georgi Korchev is 47 years old, from ruse. Deputy Mayor is the smallest Bulgarian village Ashes.

No one of his kind was connected to the earth. He himself has been in business for a long time, but the stress has become too much for him. Applied for deputy mayor on Ashes and this year he celebrates his first 7 years of village life.


“Since the earth became my temple, my mind began to adjust. The words conscience, honor, dignity, faith, kindness and humility are my own commandments of God. I tried to turn my back on vanity, envy, the pursuit of material things. I tell people that in the village life is more beautiful, the food is tastier, and the pleasure from the work done is greater,” says George. For him, “Bulgaria” is the pursuit of old values ​​and traditions.

George is a hard worker. He knows many things – cooks, kneads bread, builds, builds. Stay in place. He defines himself as a broad-minded person, tolerant of other people’s opinions, beliefs and habits. At the same time, there is a painful sense of honor, dignity and justice.

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