A church minister slaughtered her husband after h…

A church minister slaughtered her husband after h…
A church minister slaughtered her husband after h…

On June 24, 2019, Mariana and Jordan started another scandal. It is provoked by a solid amount of exam alcohol and jealousy. Arguments on New Year’s Eve escalated into a fist fight, then ended in death. Jordan’s body was found the next day in a pool of blood. Police officers are actively working to identify the killer and the chronology of events. All traces lead to former waitress Mariana Pejkova.

Mariana and Jordan got together in 2004. He moved in with her, and at the beginning everything between them was smooth sailing. But only for a few months. Jordan had a huge problem with alcohol. There were two options before the couple – either to separate, or for Mariana to get drunk. The second scenario became a fact. The two began to drink regularly and heavily. However, alcohol opened Pandora’s box. Scandals became daily, the exchange of insults and blows – as well.

57-year-old Jordan often used his fists and punched his partner in the face. She fought back, but did not have enough strength to prevail.

She often fell unconscious from the blows,

after which she regained her composure and saw how Jordan continued to drink and called her “Cheers!”. The horror lasted for 15 years.

Mariana changed many jobs. She was a saleswoman, a cook, a waitress, and most recently, according to her, she helped the nuns in the Catholic church until the Saturday market. All the money was wasted on booze, at Jordan’s insistence. At the beginning of 2019, 47-year-old Mariana sold her apartment. She went to live with him, and the money from the deal blew in less than a month. Already in 2004, the church worker and relative heirs sold an apple orchard in “Kyuchuk Paris” for 13,500 euros. By this time, they had already been together with Jordan for several months. Mariana spent her share on drinking, which the two abused every night until they passed out.

Alcohol addiction gave its terrifying echo on New Year’s Day in 2019. The day before, Jordan and Mariana had separated after another violent drunken scandal and beating. He called to apologize and wanted to get together. He invited her to his house to drink a cup, talk and smooth things over between them. She persuaded.

By 6 p.m., Mariana was already there

in Jordan’s apartment on “Bratiya” Street, next to the Rowing Base.

The two sat down and started drinking beer. You talked. Then they switched to diluted alcohol. The peace between them lasted only an hour. Jordan heated up again. He was talking about his friend Panko. He accused Mariana of wanting to be with him. He started to force her with his fists. As a result of the beating, the woman fell to the ground and hit her head on the cement. She fell unconscious, and Jordan continued to pour until he passed out. After a few minutes, Mariana recovered. The drunken Jordan had no intention of listening to her and without wasting a moment, he again launched a furious attack with his fists. Mariana was also extremely drunk. With the last of her strength and a cross-eyed look, she managed to reach up and pick up a kitchen knife left on the table. She then drove it into Jordan’s stomach.

“I took the knife to scare him and stop hitting me. I didn’t mean to poke him. I can’t remember – he must have staggered and stabbed himself on the knife. Then he calmed down, laid down on the couch and said his stomach hurt. I told him he’d be fine and laid down next to him on the couch.

I didn’t even know it was punctured

In the morning I thought he was sleeping. He was wearing briefs and a blouse. At 6 o’clock I saw him and left. I didn’t know he had died,” Mariana told the courtroom.

The 47-year-old woman leaves for “Izgrev” with her friend. They understand going to the Catholic church. However, both consume alcohol and abandon the idea. “Then a neighbor of Jordan’s called me that something had happened in our house. Dancheto asked me what happened to Jordan, I told her that he was asleep and he was fine. There was blood on my clothes, but I thought it was from my nose,” Mariana told the magistrates. After all, the police are already looking for her. She is arrested at her friend’s house – Lyubó, to whom she went after leaving “Izgrev”. There she hid in the wardrobe, but the uniformed officers found her.

The motive – anger from 15 years of fistfights

The prepared medical examination of Jordan’s body indicates that death occurred due to stabbing, severed artery, acute blood loss and internal bleeding. A forensic psychiatric examination was also requested to determine whether Mariana could be responsible for the murder and whether she understood her actions. Specialists are adamant that she was drunk, but she was fully aware of what she was doing. Mariana was treated in the mental dispensary several times. She acted voluntarily, and only the last time she was forcibly brought because she was drunk and aggressive. The woman was a primitive type of person with first-signal reactions, no emotional sensitivity to the experiences of others because of alcohol. The main motive for her behavior is anger, according to the conclusion of the experts who prepared the expertise.

During the case against Mariana, it became clear that the two lived together without marriage, but had a child – a girl. He was given up for adoption because of the alcohol addiction of his two parents, and now he must be 9-10 years old. Mariana had a primary education and had a birthday just two days after the murder. The killer’s lawyer indicated that she suffered from type 1 diabetes, glaucoma, was blind in one eye and had a neurological disorder of the spine and damage to the discs between the vertebrae.

According to the defense in the case, the woman was trying to protect herself from domestic violence. “I went blind from being beaten and harassed by Jordan. I can’t see out of one eye. I’m very sorry for what I did. I didn’t even understand how it happened. I want my sentence reduced. I’ve been through so much harassment. I didn’t kill Jordan on purpose,” Mariana sobbed in court.

The Plovdiv District Court did not hesitate and handed down a heavy sentence for 47-year-old Mariana – 12 years, under an initial strict regime. In view of the collected evidence in the case, it is not established that she inflicted the stab wounds in unavoidable self-defense, as she claims. The clean criminal record, the deteriorating state of health, as well as the partial confessions made by the defendant were taken into account as mitigating circumstances. As aggravating circumstances, the court noted Mariana’s bad characteristics, as well as the fact that the act was committed after drinking alcohol.

In October 2020, the sentence was confirmed by the Court of Appeal – Plovdiv. The witness Dushko Abadjiev was then questioned in the courtroom, who indicated that Yordan taught his lover to drink. “She was a waitress and took all her money. She beat her, we saved her many times. 5-6 years ago, after a beating, Mariana got a cataract and can no longer see in one eye,” Abadjiev said. According to him, under the pressure of Ivanov, the woman sold the apartment to her mother. With the money, Jordan took his partner to Mount Athos, telling his acquaintances that they were going to be treated for alcoholism.

The verdict was appealed to the Supreme Court. The High Magistrates give their verdict, and their decision is to reduce the sentence by two years. So Marianna goes behind bars for 10 years. She is serving her sentence in the women’s prison in Sliven.

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