“Together with a friend – Forever” – about adopting a little ball of love

“Together with a friend – Forever” – about adopting a little ball of love
“Together with a friend – Forever” – about adopting a little ball of love

On September 6, in the center of the city of Plovdiv, all citizens will be able to meet some of the residents of the “Zooveterinary Complex Plovdiv” municipal shelter, as part of an initiative aimed at once again paying attention to the adoption of our future pet. On the celebration of the city and the day of the Unification of Bulgaria, Maxi Pet launched its campaign “Together with a friend – Forever” together with the Municipal shelter, the main goal of which is to encourage the adoption of the future furry family member.

The citizens of Plovdiv, present in the square in front of the Post Office from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., will be able to find out more about the campaign, meet some of the dogs from the shelter, and enjoy many gifts from Maxi Pet. The initiative will also be supported on-site by some celebrities, influencers and city favorites who support the cause of pet adoption.

In 2021, 231 dogs were adopted by OP “Zooveterinary Complex” Plovdiv. The shelter emphasizes again that the most successful way to solve the problem of stray dogs is adoption. Maxi Pet and the Municipal Shelter set as their main mission every year that more and more homeless dogs find their new home and family.

As an additional charity initiative throughout the week from 05.09 to 11.09, at the Maxi Pet store at 24 Komatevsko shose, each customer will have the opportunity to choose and purchase whatever food they want and leave it in the basket for donation. Finally, Maxi Pet will double the amount donated by customers and provide it to the shelter.

The Maxi Pet chain of stores is an ambassador for the cause of responsible and humane breeding of pets and supports a number of shelters and organizations from all over Bulgaria every month. The chain has donated over 10 tons of food to 8 shelters and rescue centers for stray animals in 2022 so far.

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