Bulgaria is not only Vezenkov and Bost

The head coach of the Georgian national basketball team, Ilias Zuros, is focused solely on the upcoming match against Bulgaria tomorrow at 20:00 Bulgarian time. In front of the media in Tbilisi, the coach of the hosts did not want to comment in detail on the scandal with the collision in the corridors during yesterday’s match against Turkey.

Duda Sanadze: There was no fight between me and Korkmaz, we have to win the match with Bulgaria

“We spend too much time on something that happened in one match. There was a lot of tension, which is normal – both teams wanted the win very badly. We had two losses and played at the top of our ability to record our first success. We played a good game and performed great. In such close matches, the players react too emotionally and what happened is not right. The most important thing is that we won the match. Tomorrow we have a very important match with Bulgaria. We have to focus fully on this meeting.

My job is to lead the team on the field. What happened is FIBA’s responsibility,” Zuross said of the situation with the 22 seconds that ran off the clock during the commotion involving Korkmaz and Sanadze. “We are not responsible for missing seconds. We are responsible for what happens on the floor from a tactical point of view. FIBA should consider whether to change something. I think we are talking too much about yesterday’s game. We deserved to win the match because of our performance. Basketball is a sport that unites and connects people all over the world. It is important for us to take the positives out of the match. It’s already over and there’s no point in talking about it anymore,” added the Georgian coach.

Furkan Korkmaz: Five people attacked us in the corridors

Georgia is in fifth place with a balance of 1-2, while Bulgaria is in the last sixth position with 0-3. Although the Bulgarian team is still winless in the competition, Zuros believes that the match will be very difficult for his team.

We have a very important match against a very good team like Bulgaria. We are facing a team that shoots a lot from the three, and to win against a team like that, we have to be very strong on defense. We need to be focused and not think about what happened yesterday or the other day. Before us are the matches that separate us from Berlin.

Good news in the national! Vezenkov in line for the clash with Georgia
Good news in the national! Vezenkov in line for the clash with Georgia

It is very important to stop Alexander Vezenkov. Sasha is a great player and character. We know him very well from the EuroLeague, and now he is also the top scorer of EuroBasket 2022. We have to find a way to stop him, and not only him, as Dee Bost is also second in the assists ranking. Bulgaria is not only Vezenkov and Bost, as a team they are very cooperative. They move the ball very well and play good basketball”, concluded the specialist.

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