A wedding of the citizens of Svilengrad was covered in the famous “Cosmopolitan” – Newspaper “Stariyat Most”

The bride’s colleagues from the Bulgarian edition of the world magazine and website posted some marriage advice for her

The wedding of Maria Grudeva and Dimitar Chaushev from Svilengrad attracted the attention of the Internet edition of the world-famous magazine “Cosmopolitan”.

In fact, the bride has been an editor for the magazine and its online edition for 4 years. She writes on various topics, but her main field is “cosmetics”. Her colleagues say that since she liked to give a lot of advice, there was no way they could not turn to her with advice about married life. According to them, the celebration was like a fairy tale, and the newlyweds were incredible. “Our wonderful colleague Maria, who makes sure you are always up to date with the latest beauty news and interesting stories on the Cosmo site, has now moved to the married women’s team. Congratulations! The party was fabulous, the tears were of joy, the cheers were sincere, and the jokes and smiles were genuine. The two of them with her now legal husband Mitko were incredible and infected all of us with a lot of love, wonderful emotions and the conviction that love is the greatest feeling in this world. If there is anyone else who has ever doubted this! And since Maria loves to give advice (of any kind), now we, her colleagues at Cosmopolitan, are going to give it back to her with some short but extremely useful tips that (we truly believe) will make her family life even sweeter and happier.” , the site says. The recommendations follow – 17 in number. If any of you want to take advantage of the tips, you can see them here.

Maria and Dimitar met 9 years ago. After so many years of happiness, Mitko is afraid to propose marriage to her, and so in October 2021 he falls to his knees in front of his beloved. Although they have been living in Sofia for a long time, they chose to have their celebration in Svilengrad, as both are strongly connected to their birthplace. Godfathers of the young family were Stella and Petar Valkovi. The newlyweds pledged eternal fidelity in an open wedding ritual in front of the library, and the bride appeared in the company of several small groomsmen. After it was over, the wedding party headed to the restaurant on the banks of the Maritsa River, which looked as if a fairy had walked through it with her magic wand.

“Preparation for the wedding is always interesting, there were all sorts of moments for us, but obviously the end result was good. The team was great, and it’s clear that when you put all your heart into it, the results are there,” Maria told stmost.info.

And like a true COSMO wedding, this one is not complete without a charity moment. The young family decided to include in their invitations to the event that they did not want bouquets. The amount for each of the guests to give to their charity cause – “Mothers for Donation”. “We chose to support the foundation because it is obvious that in Bulgaria many units need support (not only financial), and the topic of female donation is not particularly popular in the country, and we think it is important not only to support it, but also to promote, bearing in mind that sometimes the means are not enough, another type of action is needed,” says Maria.

“Old Bridge” wishes Maria and Dimitar a blessed married life! Let the magic of the wedding day be just the initial step to a long and happy life together!

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