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The Superhero Tribe proved their strength and grabbed the key to the Residence

The tribes engaged in the first territorial battle in the fourth season of NOVA’s adventure reality show – “Games of Will: Bulgaria”. A multi-component and tough course welcomed the Invincibles, the Fearless and the Superheroes to the Arena. The game required both physical endurance and logical thinking and strategy. Swimming, rowing, climbing and pulling heavy barrels through various obstacles were just some of the extremely tough challenges players had to go through.

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In the Arena, the Superheroes proved their will and grabbed the victory, which they will celebrate lavishly in the luxury of the Residence. They did not give up after their delay on the course, and Qasim’s razor-sharp mind proved decisive in the outcome of the battle. He solved the complex 2,000-year-old Archimedes puzzle in less than 60 seconds. The fearless started with a lead, but the tough course tired them out. They took second place and will earn their living by toil and sweat on the Farm. Despite their lead, which they maintained until the end, the Invincibles did not solve the logic puzzle. Next week the tribe will face the harsh conditions of the Wild River, but such are the consequences of losing the Arena.

A fourth tribe of the Reserves embarked on a ruthless race in the Arena of Will Games: Bulgaria

The first night of the Abode for the Reserve tribe was not an easy one. Despite the makeshift shelter they managed to set up the night before, the cold and discomfort did not escape them. Their day was organized around gathering timber and exploring the terrain to build a stronger and more reliable shelter to protect them from the harsh conditions of the wild beach. The unity of the tribe was shaken by Veselin, who decided not to get involved in the common tasks.


The hosts of “Games of the Will: Bulgaria”: It’s like we’re in the Coliseum and watching gladiator fights

Before the bitter battle for territory, the three titular tribes chose their first captains. The Invincibles unanimously chose Kukov, the banner of the Fearless was raised by Jaferovic, and the Superheroes trusted Tsvetan. Which of them will prove themselves in the captain’s battle tomorrow? Will he choose an advantage for himself or take a prize for his tribe? What battle awaits the Arena Reserves and what is at stake? – find out tomorrow at 21:00. on NOVA!

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