Vladislav Panev: “Democratic Bulgaria” is ready…

Vladislav Panev: “Democratic Bulgaria” is ready…
Vladislav Panev: “Democratic Bulgaria” is ready…

“Democratic Bulgaria” can be a guarantor for a government that implements real reforms and unlocks the entrepreneurial spirit of Bulgarians. In fact, this is the way in the next few years for the country to emerge stronger from the crises that hit Bulgaria and the world in the last year.” This was commented by Vladislav Panev, co-chairman of the Green Movement, part of “Democratic Bulgaria” during the morning debate in the program “Hello, Bulgaria” on Nova Television.

People need to be aware that when higher income and expenditure is voted in Parliament, it is at the taxpayer’s expense. According to Panev, if a better business environment is provided, it will lead to better incomes for everyone. The purpose of a government is to place Bulgaria in the A group of European countries. To achieve this goal, “Democratic Bulgaria” is ready for dialogue with its future partners.

Inflation was high because of external factors, but it will also fall because of external factors, as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank raise interest rates. But what Bulgaria can do in order not to further increase inflation is to target the compensations more precisely. Businesses that make tens of millions in compensation shouldn’t be getting it. Rather, it is necessary to define what “energy poor” means and to direct the aid to precisely these people. Otherwise, the state budget will not be able to withstand so many untargeted expenses.

Vladislav Panev gave precise recommendations on how the expenses from the state budget can be optimized. “First, the compensations should be more targeted so that they do not worsen the business environment. Second, not to impede the incentives to switch from a more expensive fuel to a cheaper one, which is what we’re seeing right now, and that’s why the use of natural gas is not declining rapidly. And the third, to continue with the digitization of the state administration within the next few years.”

“Real incomes can grow quickly, and not inflationary, only if the environment for doing business and living in Bulgaria improves quickly. “Democratic Bulgaria” believes that this can happen by reducing unnecessary regulations, such as at the moment they exist. Mechanically raising incomes without real economic growth only leads to higher inflation. We are ready to carry out bold reforms that will lead to Bulgaria’s prosperity and entry into the A-group of European economies”, concluded Vladislav Panev.

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