In my hands, steel also turns into plasticine

In my hands, steel also turns into plasticine
In my hands, steel also turns into plasticine

Ilian is 20 years old, studying Law at the University of Leicester and admits that he went to England to escape the provincial mentality

05 September 2022Monday, 2:09 p.m.

Author: Emel MAHMOUD

If necessary, I am ready to betray people to save myself, says the 20-year-old charmer

Burgas has a second representative in the new season of the most watched adventure reality show – “Games of Will”. Iliyan is only 20 years old, but he shows tremendous self-confidence. Already at his presentation, the young man stated that he was able to melt steel in the form of plasticine and play with it. And if necessary, he is ready to betray people to save himself.

The charmer from Burgas is a law student at the University of Leicester in England. He decided to go abroad not only for education, the main reason was to escape from the provincial mentality and narrow horizons here, he admits.

Ivan Gaitanov, the son of the “last Mohican” in the underground, entered “Games of the Will”

“I’ve always dreamed of much more than a high salary, an expensive apartment, or a car, and so one day in very early high school, after watching an episode of Suits, I decided I needed to be like Harvey Specter, and that’s why I started down that path.” , says Iliyan.

He presents himself as an intelligent, organized and smart 20-year-old who can skillfully multitask. “I am among the top students in my course. All in all, the typical example of the over-ambitious Bulgarian careerist,” admits Iliyan. At the same time, Burgazlia also works as a top model for a fashion agency in England. He decided to do it professionally not for additional funds, but because he possessed all the qualities.

“Games of the Will participants will underestimate me, given the things I do and my tender age, but this will be a great advantage for me. And by the time they realize it, it will be too late. I am in top physical shape, in terms of adaptability – I write myself a 6 plus, and for social play I am a real born talent – in my hands and steel can melt and play with it like plasticine. However, this does not mean that I will stand in the corner and mumble and act off-stage, on the contrary, I hate all the characterless little people, and the Baiganians who know everything and are competent on every subject – I will also put them in their place. I’m not stupid, my big mouth will play a bad joke on me, but I don’t care, I’ll live with the consequences for the rest of my life. I know this game is played with character, and I have it, and a very strong one at that. The end justifies the means!” concludes Iliyan.

Whether there is a cover for the self-confidence that Iliyan demonstrates – we have yet to find out.

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