Minister Gechev: The shock wave in the Karlovo villages is 100 years old – Society

Minister Gechev: The shock wave in the Karlovo villages is 100 years old – Society
Minister Gechev: The shock wave in the Karlovo villages is 100 years old – Society

There is no excessive logging in the forests around the flooded villages in Karlovsko. We at the Forestry Agency have commissioned our own review and will go back as far as 10 years on the map to see how logging impacts back in time. There was so much water that the wave was really huge – it is 100 years old. This was commented by the Acting Minister of Agriculture Yavor GechevYavor Gechev was born on June 10, 1978 in Plovdiv. He is an engineer-agronomist by education. In 2001 in the program “The Day Begins” on BNT.

Gechev also said that the villages are blocked by trees dragged by the water. “There is a rule around the rivers not to touch the trees, but the water is so big that 15 km above the populated areas this line is gone – the water has washed away everything”, he added and explained that in order to clear up any doubts, the inspections will include all media to participate with the Forestry Agency teams in the inspection.

The minister also added that he took into account the questions and information submitted by the citizens in the respective localities, so that the inspection would cover their questions and directions.

Minister Gechev stated that the disaster could not have been prevented – 200 liters per square meter poured out in a few hours. The troughs were not cleaned well enough, and while prevention was important, it would not stop the disaster.

“It’s a miracle that no one died. Maybe we lack organization and culture in terms of getting used to living with such disasters”, he said and confirmed that work can be done in the direction of better organization of response to such events.

The disaster is such that people are thinking about the houses. If people have lost their documents, don’t worry, the services are instructed to help, informs Gechev.

“Thousands of acres flooded. We will compensate the farmers. Even if there are currently no funds available on the budget accounts, there is a state that will take care of it. We will take measures, talks are coming. Since the mechanism is such that 100% failed areas are paid 80% of the costs incurred for the given crop – we will describe everything at 100%. What is in terms of backyard, small producers, hobby farming – let everyone describe this damage,” he added, clarifying that the disaster will not affect prices and supply on a national scale.

Everything, such as equipment, is currently on the ground, reassured the minister: “Don’t let the people in Trilistnik think that they are forgotten.” Water is currently being withdrawn from the upper villages, so the equipment is available there.”

“Let this disaster teach us that there are some things that are not transitory, and the state must do the necessary prevention in order to have less material damage,” believes the acting minister.

Regarding the upcoming heating season, Gechev said: “Even if the local people have bought wood for the winter, they are probably already somewhere in the neighboring villages. What is harvested as wood from the flood will be collected and go to the natives. About 10,000 cubic meters of wood was removed by the water element.”

The minister also explained that in terms of dams in the country, there are currently no dams in a pre-emergency state. In fact, the year is even rather dry. “Because purely agronomically, I follow the rainfall – it rains as much as before, but it rains very episodically, instead of calm rain – it rains in torrents in certain places”, he added.

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