Systematic! Deliberate poisoning of animals in “Severen” continues

Deliberate poisoning of animals in the “Northern” region continues. the team of TrafficNews has repeatedly given voice to the problem, which seems to have become systemic. Residents of the blocks located near the “Ribnitsa” park systematically report to us that they find corpses of dead cats and dogs in the area.

For some time, an unknown person has been dousing food with poison and spreading it around the neighborhood, they claim. At the beginning of July, dog owners said that their pets also died as a result of poisoning while they were walking.

Another such case was told by a zoo volunteer. Zoo volunteers receive a special certificate certified by the mayor of the municipality of Plovdiv, which gives them the right to take care of feral cats and assist the teams of the Zoo Veterinary Complex. She said that she is trying to castrate and deworm as many animals as possible, but the only problem is that she has nowhere to shelter them.

A few days ago, she again found cat carcasses between the two tunnels of the Great Giant. She also claims that it is impossible for so many animals to die at once from natural causes, and she is adamant that someone is deliberately poisoning the cats. A month ago, people intended to install video cameras to identify the perpetrators more quickly and make them face the necessary punishment.

The police said that a team has been established in each police station to investigate reports of crimes against animals. They do not deal only with this, but investigate cases of violence against animals as a priority. Upon receiving a report, an investigation into the case is immediately started, the police assured.

If we come across a dead body, we must call 112. In this case, after performing an autopsy and establishing the causes of death, proceedings can be initiated and, accordingly, an investigation can be launched into the case.

However, for this, citizens who find animal carcasses must go to the nearest regional office and declare the crime in writing, otherwise the Ministry of Internal Affairs must close the case.

If the autopsy proves that the animal did not die of natural causes, but was poisoned, an investigation is launched to determine the perpetrator, considering it a premeditated murder.

In Bulgaria, violence against animals is criminalized. The prosecutor’s office can start an investigation under Art. 325b, stating that whoever shows cruelty to a vertebrate animal and causes it unlawful death, severe or permanent damage, is punished with imprisonment for up to three years and a fine of one thousand to five thousand BGN.

Reports to the zoo police can be made by calling 112 and the direct phones of the regional offices of the Ministry of the Interior in Plovdiv.

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