A 24-year-old future doctor became a volunteer at MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov”

A 24-year-old future doctor became a volunteer at MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov”
A 24-year-old future doctor became a volunteer at MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov”

The Veliko Tarnovo Hospital continues its tradition of attracting young volunteers. The 24-year-old student Anna Kirilova from the Medical University in Sofia entered the “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” hospital in order to gain real experience that will be useful to her in her future career as a medic, the medical facility reported.

She is pleased to have the opportunity to spend time in the hospital, because during the Covid pandemic the contact of students with patients has been quite limited. “Our future colleague is determined and ambitious. I wish Dr. Stefan Cherkezov hospital to have young doctors, with a positive charge and energy for work. We directed her to the Emergency Department so that she could get to know as many cases as possible. I hope she feels like part of the team and that this enthuses and inspires her to dedicate herself to the medical profession from now on. I will be happy for her to continue working in the Emergency Department as a doctor,” said the director of the hospital d- r. Krasimir Popov.

Anna graduated from the Language High School in Veliko Tarnovo. She chose to study at the Medical University in Sofia. She turned to the profession, although there are no doctors in her family. “I like our country, that’s why without hesitation I chose to study medicine in Bulgaria and work here,” she says. Anna’s daily life is quite dynamic. She is either at work, on an internship at the university, or preparing for exams. To support herself, Anna worked for two years in hematology at Sofiamed. She decided to be a volunteer at the hospital in order to find out what the profession to which she would dedicate herself was actually like.
Anna chose the hospital in Veliko Tarnovo in order to be able to combine the time spent with her relatives and at the same time gain the necessary professional experience during the vacation. The student said that she helps with the triage of patients, but she is willing to get involved in other manipulations as well.
Anna shared that she got acquainted with a variety of pathologies and saw a variety of cases – epileptic seizures, bites, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, suturing of post-traumatic wounds, pathologies of cardiovascular origin. “When patients are listened to and trust the doctor, the process of diagnosis and treatment becomes significantly easier. I am glad to see that the doctors, interns and the rest of the team at the hospital work quickly, organized and united. In my opinion, this also affects the patients’ sense of security and trust,” she shared. Anna is adamant that she wants to be a doctor. According to her, in this profession, first of all, you need to be human, to constantly improve yourself, to you treat patients with respect and discretion. “For me, it is very important when communicating with a patient not to forget that there is a person standing in front of me who, outside the hospital, has his own history, life, loved ones, work and dreams. This motivates me even more to be useful.” For her, the financial side of the profession is important, but first of all is the attitude towards the doctors and the team. The young specialist believes that the new generation of doctors should be involved in the work process and be trained practically.” “We are often seen as a welcome new addition to the schedule for the next month, which demotivates us. I believe that the good future of medicine in Bulgaria starts with each one of us,” added Anna.
”My close friends were surprised that I chose a smaller city for volunteering, since Sofia has a larger selection of hospitals with an Emergency Department, but they were happy and supported me. I sincerely hope and invite more young colleagues to help medics in smaller towns as well, even if it is in the form of an internship, volunteering or work,” she commented.

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