The cabinet sent two parties to the knockout stage. Who are they?

The cabinet sent two parties to the knockout stage. Who are they?
The cabinet sent two parties to the knockout stage. Who are they?

On Sunday, the Alpha Research agency presented the data from its latest self-financed survey. The survey data show that it is not 100% certain that “There is such a people” will have MPs in the next parliament.

There is a rivalry for voters between the “Vazrazhdane” party and the “There is such a people” party, and the positions of these two parties will depend on how this battle is resolved,” commented the sociologist and manager of the Alpha Research agency this morning to BTV Boryana Dimitrova.

They also show that the election campaign started with the advantage of GERB (23.4%) over the main competitor “We continue the change” (17.5%). The results of the survey also show that there is no big difference between electoral support for BSP, DPS and “Vazrazhdane”. Among those who firmly decided to vote, 10.9% say they will support DPS, 9.8% – BSP, and 9.5% “Vazrazhdane”. “Democratic Bulgaria” would support 7.5% of those who firmly decided to vote.

“We continue the change” and the BSP are the two political forces that suffer the most serious damage from the actions of the official cabinet”, commented Boryana Dimitrova. “Democratic Bulgaria is slightly and smoothly improving its position and some of the voters disappointed by “We continue the change” are returning to “Democratic Bulgaria”, Dimitrova further explained.

The survey was conducted in the period August 27 – September 2, 2022 by “Alpha Research” among 1117 adult citizens from all over the country and was realized with own funds. A stratified two-stage sample with a quota according to the main socio-demographic characteristics was used. The information was collected through a direct standardized interview with tablets at the homes of the respondents.

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