More than 600 volunteers are expected in the submerged villages near Plovdiv on…

For the first 4 days, over 400 military personnel and 67 pieces of specialized engineering equipment were on site. Today, there are 110 military personnel in the field, scattered in the three villages with chainsaws and specialized equipment. There are also two helicopters from Krumovo Air Base.

This was stated by Dimitar Stoyanov, Acting Minister of Defense during his visit to the village of Slatina.

At the moment, there are both people and military equipment from 61 brigades, from 3 air bases, from 24 air bases, from 110 regiment and from 91 engineer regiment. Coordination is carried out by the regional governor. “He concentrates the technique where it is most needed,” said Stoyanov. The minister explained that the clearing continues at an accelerated pace and will not stop tomorrow, even though it is a holiday.

He expressed his gratitude to the volunteers today, who were more than 100 people, and said that tomorrow more than 600 volunteers are expected to help in the three worst-hit villages.

Stoyanov emphasized that first the riverbeds must be cleaned so that, if there is new rainfall, the water can be carried away, and secondly, the streets must be cleaned so that more homes can be cleaned.

Stoyanov stated that he hopes that the cause of the disaster in the Plovdiv villages will be clarified soon. “Preventive measures must be taken. The season of more abundant rains is coming, the troughs must be cleaned, the Council of Ministers must find funds and allocate them to the regional cities”, he is categorical. According to him, the uncleaned riverbeds are not the problem for the heavy floods in the village of Slatina, but rather the large amounts of rain that have fallen.

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