Former seaside resorts and brand new hotels are going on the counter

Former seaside resorts and brand new hotels are going on the counter
Former seaside resorts and brand new hotels are going on the counter

Former rest stations by the sea, as well as brand new hotels by the beach and shops go to the counter for a record nearly 1.16 million BGN. At the end of the season, toll booths sell both abandoned, non-working buildings and newly built ones in our top summer resorts for a total of 1,157,610 BGN, a check by “Telegraph” showed.

A total of 6 properties in Primorsko, Obzor, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands will be auctioned, according to a report from the Chamber of Private Bailiffs. All buildings are announced for sale in the last three days of August and the beginning of September, when it is also the end of the summer tourist season.


Among the interesting offers is a former sanatorium on the Southern Black Sea coast, which is located in a rest station near the MMC between the resorts of Kiten and Primorsko.

It is a 3-storey property of 168 square meters for BGN 281,640 with a tourist purpose. The building is of massive, reinforced concrete construction and brickwork.

Externally, there is no thermal insulation installed, and the facade is partially lined with natural stone. The roof is made of a concrete slab, and the common areas are tiled and terracotta, plastered and painted. The building has no elevator.

A hotel

Appetizing and most expensive of the resort properties announced for sale is an entire complex in Obzor. The private bailiffs have announced it for BGN 725,798.80. This value includes 24 premises with different areas – between 314 square meters and 12-20 square meters each.

The properties are part of an aparthotel in Obzor, intended for seasonal operation, in an area with developed infrastructure and in close proximity to the beach.

The objects are in a building made of monolithic reinforced concrete construction and brickwork, with external thermal insulation, facade plaster and paint, a roof with laid waterproofing and drainage.

The property is connected to the city networks of the engineering infrastructure – electricity supply, water supply and sewage.


Gyms, hairdressing and beauty salons from both the southern and northern seaside resorts are also going on the counter.

There will be an auction for a gym in Golden Sands. The announced price is BGN 32,652, and the area is just over 98 square meters. Also, since the end of August, three properties have been announced in Sunny Beach, which cost respectively BGN 29,040, BGN 26,960 and BGN 61,520.

They are in a new building and are intended for shops or salons.

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