Galab Donev: The state will help the victims of the flood in Karlovsko

Galab Donev: The state will help the victims of the flood in Karlovsko
Galab Donev: The state will help the victims of the flood in Karlovsko

All the forces of the state are harnessed to restore the infrastructure and help the people in the flood-damaged settlements in Karlovsko. This became clear from the statement of acting Prime Minister Galab Donev, who visited the flood-affected villages of Karlovy Vary. However, he did not specify the amount of the aid.

From day one, the state has been conducting rescue operations to save all people. There is material damage, the elements strike in seconds, recovery requires time and effort, Donev said.

“Funds will be allocated, building materials will be provided to repair material damage to people’s homes. Funds will be allocated to help every household that needs to know that the state is behind them. Temporary housing will be provided to the people whose homes were destroyed,” he said, adding that the most affected villages were Bogdan and Karavelovo.

Prime Minister Donev said that a decision will be made by the Council of Ministers tomorrow, with which water and food will be allocated from the state reserve, including for Sopot, where there is a problem with drinking water.

“The Council of Ministers will decide on the differentiated financial aid to be granted to these households, so that people will be calm. The applications for the restoration of the municipal infrastructure will be submitted through the municipality.” said Donev and promised that by the end of September, all financial needs will be provided to overcome the damage.

Families who have school children will also be supported so that they can welcome the first day of school with dignity, Donev also pointed out.

He also commented on the causes of the disaster and stated that they will be further clarified.

“You see that there has been no rain for several days, but the river has a very high flow rate. There is no way to fight against the elements. The reason for the floods is the huge amounts of rain, not the fact that the river gorges have not been cleaned. Yes and cutting down the forest is a problem, but this cutting is not indiscriminate, there is a permit for every tree cut. This is also proven by the photos, there is no indiscriminate cutting, there are no violations.” Donev said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducts an analysis of the damage

In the meantime, it became clear that the acting ministers of regional development and internal affairs, Ivan Shishkov and Ivan Demerdzhiev, will meet with the regional governor of Plovdiv, Angel Stoev, and with the mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov. At the meeting, the most urgent measures will be taken to restore the damage in the areas affected by the flood, announced the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The equipment of the state company “Automagistrali” and the Agency “Road Infrastructure” continues to actively participate in the clearing, employees of the toll administration have also been sent to the site, and the road companies that have a commitment to maintain the roads in the area have also joined in, the ministry announced .

At the meeting with the interior minister, the regional governor and the mayor of Karlovo, an organization will be made to provide funds for the restoration of the affected infrastructure. The condition of the water supply network is also analyzed in order to plan the necessary repairs after the damage.

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