The mayor of Ruse awarded Teodor Tsvetkov for his new swimming record

The mayor of Ruse, Pencho Milkov, awarded Teodor Tsvetkov for his record 71-hour swimming in the waters of the lake in Lesopark “Lipnik”. The swimmer, known for his causes, received a statuette “Rousse” and an icon of St. George the Victorious – symbol of strength and protector of Ruse.

“A hero is not the one with the biggest muscles, but the one who has given his life to something bigger than himself. Thank you for constantly showing me and all the people of Ruthenia how great the human will is,” said the mayor. He expressed confidence that Teodor Tsvetkov’s exploits will leave a bright mark in the history of the city.

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The swimmer revealed the difficulties he experienced during his next challenge. The worst moment was when he got a fever because of the low temperature in the lake. Thanks to his team, who stood by his side, he managed to cope with the mental and physical exhaustion.

In the last hours of his marathon, the native of Ruse had the necessary strength to endure the planned 72 hours, but the medical personnel demanded that he stop an hour earlier because of the storm that was raging over Nikolovo and the surrounding area at that time. However, Theodore managed to achieve his goal and set a Guinness record. He and his team are currently awaiting the official opinion from the world body, which is technically taking time.

Tsvetkov also talked about his next cause. His desire is to swim across the Sea of ​​Marmara, thereby uniting the Bulgarian and Turkish people, showing that we are all equal, no matter what language we speak or what faith we profess.

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Teodor Tsvetkov expressed his gratitude to the mayor and the entire municipal administration for the unreserved support during the three days of his challenge at Lake Lipnik.

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