Making compotes and jam the most expensive in Silistra during the season

Making compotes and jam the most expensive in Silistra during the season
Making compotes and jam the most expensive in Silistra during the season

The prices of some basic products that are used in the making of zimina will unpleasantly surprise Bulgarians right in the season in which its preparation begins.

Making jam and compotes, for example, will cost 64% more expensive – such is the increase in the price of sugar compared to the beginning of last September.

The unpleasant thing is that with this basic product there are too big differences in prices depending on which region of the country it is bought in.

According to the weekly bulletin of the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Auctions, the wholesale price of a kilogram of white crystalline sugar is the lowest in Haskovo, where it can be bought for BGN 1.25.

But in Silistra, the price ranges between BGN 2.45 and BGN 2.78 per kilogram on the markets, i.e. in stores it is certainly sold for well over BGN 3.50 per kilo.

The price difference between the two cities is 122%.

It is noticeable that sugar is cheaper in regions such as Varna and Burgas, which is most likely due to the fact that it is sold closer to the place from which it is imported into the country.

Only in the capital, which is farthest from the Black Sea ports, the price is low, but this is due to the large market.

In a similar situation with regard to sugar, not only Bulgaria, but the entire European Union. Because of the increase in the global supply of sugar, as early as three years ago, sugar beet crops across Europe began to decline.

Bad harvests and diseases on these plantations only complicated the picture, and in 2020 the continent turned from an exporter to an importer of sugar, sugar beet and sugar cane.

The energy crisis, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine only complicated the picture, raising the price of this raw material to its current values.

However, making lutenitsa will also be more expensive than last year, although the prices of tomatoes, peppers and oil do not vary so much by region.

Tomatoes from open areas, for example, are currently 15% more expensive than last year’s, and this difference has significantly melted in recent weeks and months, in the spring it had reached 50%.

A little bigger – 28%, is the difference in the price of red peppers compared to the beginning of September 2021.

However, the oil costs exactly the same on the markets as it did last year at this time – BGN 4.76 per liter.

Just three months ago, its price was double last year’s, but in recent weeks it has been gradually declining.

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