Miko Kuzmanov leads Bulgaria to the Davis Cup

Miko Kuzmanov leads Bulgaria to the Davis Cup
Miko Kuzmanov leads Bulgaria to the Davis Cup

The captain of the national tennis team, Valentin Dimov, announced the lineup for the match against the Republic of South Africa from World Group II of the Davis Cup tournament, the federation announced.

Bulgaria will host the meeting of the second level of the world team championship for men on September 16-17 in Sofia. The match will be played on clay at the Bulgarian National Tennis Center (BNTC) in Borisova Garden.

The team includes Dimitar Kuzmanov (#159 in the world rankings), Alexander Lazarov (#394), Alexander Donski (#578) and Pyotr Nesterov (#870). It was the four of them who qualified our team in World Group II, winning decisively with a 3-1 victory in the home playoff against Paraguay in the “Sofia” Hall in March.

The team will gather for a camp from September 11 at the BSTC. Gabriel Donev (#895) and the three most performing juniors at the moment – Yanaki Milev (18 years old), Iliyan Radulov (17 years old) and Adriano Genev are also invited to participate in it as part of the extended composition of the national team (16 years).

“That will be the eight that we will start our training camp with. They are all there, some of them are still playing in tournaments, which of course is good – keeping fit. I think it will be a good experience for the youngsters . They should take part in such camps more often and now switch to men’s tennis,” Dimov commented on his choice to the federation’s website.

For the match against RYUA, a new person enters the captain’s team. Australian and world tennis legend Paul McNamee, who has been helping as a special consultant to the federation for years, replaces Teodor Bachev as assistant coach. The other assistants of Valentin Dimov will be the conditioning coach Kiril Simeonov, the massage therapist Lyubomir Panev and the team doctor Prof. Dr. Georgi Popov.

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