Thanks to the BSP, Bulgaria is not a party to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Thanks to the BSP, Bulgaria is not a party to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine
Thanks to the BSP, Bulgaria is not a party to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine
“With only 26 people’s representatives in the last National Assembly, the BSP significantly exceeded its parliamentary capabilities. Our opponents are now repeating what we did for 7 months in governing the country. Our goal is to continue what we started, and it is embedded in our election platform” – this said the leader of the “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition list, Christian Vigenin, at a pre-election meeting in the Trakia region.

With her, the list with number 28 in the city of Plovdiv began the series of meetings by districts with the party active and sympathizers of the left. The meeting was attended by the candidates for people’s representatives Assoc. Georgi Yordanov, Arch. Kostadin Palazov, Naum Kitanov, Nikolay Ivanov, arch. Rumen Grigorov, Yovka Zlateva, Marina Uzunova, Rumen Vassilev, Erduan Faytin.

In his address to the Thracians, Vigenin emphasized that thanks to the BSP, Bulgaria did not become a party to the military conflict and did not send weapons to Ukraine. He recalled that it was the left that spoke out against the sanctions, because they do not affect political elites, but ordinary people.

“Since the first month, we have been saying that supplies from Gazprom should not be stopped. The prime minister, when he was already resigned, expelled 70 Russian diplomats. This was not agreed with BSP and we decided not to support Kiril Petkov for a new term as Prime Minister, i.e. we stopped it. BSP stands for moderation and a balanced approach in foreign policy.

The chief corrupter of the republic declares himself to be prime minister again. Boyko Borisov is again the leader of the lists in Plovdiv, but he never became a representative of the people, he runs away from responsibility. What has he done for Plovdiv? It is not fair to the voters for him to run for office and then flee to Bankya.

We were two people’s representatives from Plovdiv together with Ivan Petkov. He is very strong in parliament. I hope that even in these elections the Plovdiv organization with the new leadership will prove what it can do,” Christian Vigenin also said.

The second on the list – city leader Ivan Petkov expressed the sympathy of the Plovdiv organization to the victims of the flood in Karlovsko. On the initiative of the Organization of Socialist Women and Young Socialists in the City Council, aid is being collected for the victims of the village of Karavelovo. Groups of volunteers are also to be organized to go to the place to help.

Arch. Rumen Grigorov, who was the chief architect of Plovdiv from 1981 to 1986 and is one of the creators of “Trakia”, told how the idea for the construction of the area was born. “You have a very strong position. “Thrace” was created by the BKP-Plovdiv. It is possible and realistic that the BSP now has at least three people’s representatives”, said arch. Grigorov, who is ninth in the list of socialists.

The Thracian Nikolay Ivanov, elected a month ago as the chairman of the regional organization in “Centralen”, noted that the infrastructure designed half a century ago in “Thrace” has not yet reached full capacity. The computer engineer placed under number 8 pointed out that the elections on October 2 are unique because the BSP – Plovdiv has a new leadership and because the BSP party is participating in the elections after participating in the government and must resist all lies and slander.

At the meeting, the 85th anniversary of Redzeb Hadjiev, who is one of the doyens of the party in Plovdiv, was celebrated.

The regional chairman gen. Johan Petkov stated that it is time to stop the long-term domination of the right-wing parties and, as for the Unification of Bulgaria in 1885, the whole people united in the name of one goal, so on October 2, all people should go en masse and in conscience to vote.

To the sounds of Emil Dimitrov’s emblematic song “One Bulgarian Rose”, which has become the anthem of the BSP, all the ladies received a fragrant red rose.

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