A new scandal! Kiril and Asen trample on two laws, accumulate voter data

A new scandal! Kiril and Asen trample on two laws, accumulate voter data
A new scandal! Kiril and Asen trample on two laws, accumulate voter data

A third powerful pre-election scandal erupted around the leaders of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev. After brutal propaganda instructions were leaked from the PP headquarters, and then a list of the army of publicists who make the image of the Harvard party, now a new document has come to light. With it, the PP orders its local structures to collect names, addresses, dates of birth, telephones, to search for voters at homes and to organize illegal raffles with prizes.

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The 12-page document is titled “A Guide to Outdoor Events” and includes the PP’s overall campaign vision, instructions to local party structures and party supports.

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The original was not in Bulgarian, as the material contained words in English, Tribyun.bg reveals.

The document orders PP activists from all over the country to act in violation of at least two laws – the Personal Data Act and the Electoral Code.

The first violation is related to the illegal collection of personal data of voters. “Change” activists are ordered to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and signatures of the voters, without telling what they will be used for and where and how this sensitive information for citizens will be stored.

Voters are also offered to participate in a raffle with a prize, which is prohibited by the Electoral Code and goes against the recommendations of the Code of Good Practices on Electoral Matters of the Venice Commission because it seriously damages the free right to vote.

Most worrying, however, is the information that people who have already entrusted their personal details to PP activists will be visited in their homes for further agitation. However, it is not clear with what means the agitation will continue.

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