We fell into hatred, forgetfulness, anger, selfishness

We fell into hatred, forgetfulness, anger, selfishness
We fell into hatred, forgetfulness, anger, selfishness

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Metropolitan Nikolay called in his speech during the solemn prayer on the occasion of the 137th anniversary of the Unification of Bulgaria and the Plovdiv holiday to stop hatred and division and start uniting in the name of the fatherland and the people.

In the speech, also addressed to the politicians, grandfather Nicholas said that he has the feeling that we are returning to the Spanish Inquisition, when those who think differently are burned at the stake, a reporter told Plovdiv24.bg.

He remembered what words he spoke in 2013 and summarized that today it is the same – fierce confrontation, great hatred, complete absence of points of contact between the opponents.

“Our society has fallen into hatred, forgetfulness, anger, selfishness. This is not normal. In 9 years, the situation has undergone a certain development – the hatred has acquired specific features: the young are against the old, people from the center are against those living on the periphery, those working in the spheres of high technologies treat the rest of the workers with contempt. Not to mention hatred on a political basis – there is hysteria there,” commented Metropolitan Nikolay.

“We consider them heretical, because the greatest value for us is love. Since the beginning of the transition, Bulgarians have been sending their children to the West. Now they are starting to return, and some of them, in addition to knowledge, also bring contempt for their homeland and a willingness to impose of their convictions with violence. They are behaving like religious fanatics. We must stop this hatred immediately,” urged the metropolitan.

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