Borisov: Petkov is the fastest retired prime minister, everyone gave up on him

Borisov: Petkov is the fastest retired prime minister, everyone gave up on him
Borisov: Petkov is the fastest retired prime minister, everyone gave up on him

“For so many years, GERB had no opposition and we spoiled ourselves. The “Change” stopped stealing and retired them. In 6 months, Kiril Petkov became the fastest retired prime minister. In 6 months, both his party and his coalition members gave up on him partners, and its creator Rumen Radev!” said GERB leader Boyko Borisov at the opening of the election campaign in Blagoevgrad.

According to him, PP even stole their name from GERB, because the party’s first poster was titled “General Change”.

“Put yourself together and prove it! There have never been any easier elections for GERB”, he motivated the voters of GERB in the district.

According to him, there is nothing that GERB has not done in Blagoevgrad – swimming pools, playgrounds, halls, bridges and tunnels.

He emphasized that the previous rulers stopped road construction, and for two years there has been a complete standstill in the construction of infrastructure objects.

Borisov compared the prices of basic food products, fuels and electricity under the management of GERB and under the management of Change, where they are several times higher.

He recalled that the government of change took out a new loan of BGN 500 million each week. “They left and said they had a billion surplus. They don’t pay hospitals, municipalities, they keep them. If you have, why didn’t you pay?!” asked Borisov.

“BGN 1 billion will go to elections. Every day someone comes out and says ‘he won’t govern with these’. You don’t value money. This is the people’s money, this is the money for Struma. Let’s be reasonable! With the people we need to talk about how the people, together, can get out of the crisis with work, stressed the leader of GERB, quoted by BGNES.

According to him, there has been a complete standstill for two years. He emphasized that “We continue the change” have brought the country into a severe disaster, like after a war. “And if the people as a whole don’t unite, a stable government is broadcast, we will go to elections again. We have to work to get out of the crisis,” Borissov pointed out.

He promised that if GERB wins on October 2, he will impose a duty of BGN 1 on fuel.

“You fill up 100 liters at any gas station and they give you back one hundred BGN. 2.20 will be the price of diesel. And you see – Kircho left and the price of fuel fell. The price of diesel, gasoline and methane is directly from your pockets,” said Borisov.

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