Three “reading nests” in Pazardzhik welcome word lovers on Wednesday

A night of literature in Pazardzhik in three “reading nests” will delight lovers of words on September 7 – Wednesday! Eighteen cities in the country will give their residents the opportunity to enjoy selected excerpts from European translated books, and Pazardzhik is one of them, reports PAmedia.

The initiative is being held for the eleventh consecutive year. Its aim is the popularization of modern European literature and the “meeting” of the public with unknown European authors through readings in the so-called “reader’s nests”, in which famous personalities read the same excerpt every 30 minutes.

For a maximum captivating atmosphere, non-standard and favorite places have been chosen, and the texts will be read by well-known and beloved personalities of Pazardzhik – the actors Detelina Stoicheva, Elena Zamyarkova and Todor Kaikov. The layout of the “sockets” is as follows:
Nest 1: Lapidarium, ROME Pazardjik, reader Todor Kaikov
Nest 2: City garden, reader Detelina Stoycheva
Nest 3: The kindergarten of “I. S. Aksakov”/ PMG “K. Velichkov”, reader Elena Zamyarkova


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