Ten border police officers were involved in traffic …

At least ten border police officers have participated in various migrant trafficking schemes, acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev told journalists in Plovdiv, Dir.bg reported.

They were in different territorial divisions of the “Border Police” on the border with Turkey. With increasing migrant pressure, the processes of attracting police officers to these trafficking schemes have obviously intensified, commented Demerdzhiev.

“Internal Security” is working on clarifying this issue, in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office. We will proceed with the relocation of people for whom we do not have sufficient evidence that they are involved in such trafficking, but we have convincing data, added the Minister of Internal Affairs.

A few days ago, Ivan Demerdzhiev stated that as a result of the measures taken by the authorities, the migrant pressure has decreased, and there will be changes in the regional directorates of the “Border Police” after the completion of the work of the “Internal Security” directorate in the Ministry of the Interior.

“We are extremely counting on the help from the Turkish side to increase and to pay attention to this problem more seriously from them as well. The talks will be to tighten the area on the Turkish side, because a huge amount of migrants accumulates there and when large groups gather , are hindering the work of our border police and military,” Demerdzhiev explained.

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