Only couples at graduation in 27 schools, 3 are in Plovdiv and the area

Only couples at graduation in 27 schools, 3 are in Plovdiv and the area
Only couples at graduation in 27 schools, 3 are in Plovdiv and the area

In 27 schools, the average success of the matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature is weak 2 – this means that not a single student in them has successfully passed the matriculation exam and will not receive a diploma for completed secondary education.

This was shown by a study by the Institute of Market Economy. “24 Chasa” sought out some of these schools.

In the Plovdiv region, all students in 3 schools received pairs this year – these are SU “Dimitar Matevski”, the Professional High School of Agriculture in Kuklen and SU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in the village of Kalekovets.

“This year we didn’t have 12th grade. It is a question of two children who appeared for matriculation exams from last year, but did not manage to pass them”, said the director of SU “Dimitar Matevski” Mariana Zlatanska. She added that these children had difficulty learning the material, and the school administration was doing everything possible to help them.

“The situation with us is difficult. Our children are mainly from the minorities. They are more difficult to work with. We all want them to finish successfully and graduate”, said the director of SU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in Kalekovets Diyan Bukhchev. He clarified that 8 students failed the matriculation exam, four appeared for the remedial exam.

There are two secondary schools in Stara Zagora, in which at the regular matriculation exam in Bulgarian in May this year only pairs were received – the evening high school “Zahari Stoyanov” and the secondary school at the prison.

5 men have appeared at the regular graduation in the prison, all of them have couples. This did not particularly worry them, since none of them intends to study for higher education, and even without matriculation they are recognized as completed average that will them works when go free.

“In practice, people have no motivation. Rather, they appear at the matriculation exam, because this way they ease the serving of their sentence – they reduce their time behind bars. As a prison school, we also had another problem – due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we did not have in-person classes for a long time, and it is forbidden to use computers with Internet access in the prison, and we could not conduct distance learning. We handed out written materials to the graduates with instructions to cook on their own. But it was seen that without the close participation of teachers this cannot be done”, explained the director Mariyana Gospodinova.

The matriculation couples in the three Burgas schools, in which there is no grade other than weak 2, did not have a 12th grade graduation this school year. The couple are actually former students who failed to pass the matriculation exam in previous years and have now appeared again, a reporter’s check found.

“As soon as the ranking in question came out, I expressed my particular opinion, since 2-3 children from previous years appeared in two of the Burgas secondary schools. The third school is a vocational high school that works with bilingual students. Only 7 children showed up there, but I wouldn’t like to comment on which schools are in question,” Petya Petrova, the head of the Burgas Regional Police Department, told “24 Chasa”. An inspection found that the three Burgas schools are “Ivan Vazov” Secondary School, “Dobri Chintulov” Secondary School and “Peño Penev” Vocational School of Construction.

“We didn’t have a 12th grade graduate. Several students who dropped out from previous years appeared at the BEL exams. But they come completely unprepared. The results will be completely different for the graduating class of 2022-2023,” said the director of SU “Ivan Vazov” Viktor Grigorov.

The situation in SU “Dobri Chintulov” is similar. And they did not send high school graduates there this year. Three people who had couples in previous years appeared at the BEL graduation. But these were people who they work, they don’t prepare and appeared like the lottery.

However, according to director Milena Drenska, this is not a result that shows the real situation.

7 students appeared at the “Peño Penev” vocational high school, most of them also with failed matriculation exams from previous years. According to the director, Gergana Yaneva, there are many factors for the low success of matriculation exams, including online learning. “And that’s why it’s not the teachers’ fault. Many things have changed, there is no interest in reading anymore, children look for information mainly on the Internet”, says Mrs. Yaneva.

Three schools in Pleven district have 100% pairs in Bulgarian. One student appeared at “Neofit Rilski” Secondary School in Knezha. He is 33 years old and has a clean 2. There is no 12th grade in the school this year.

The picture is similar in the woodworking vocational high school “Zahari Zograf”. There, the contribution for 100% doubles is of a 27-year-old young man. In the third school – the Professional High School of Management and Food Technology, 100% pairs are due to the 9 students who appeared for the matriculation. All are rated 2.

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