Every city is as big as its honor…

In a solemn setting in the “Union” hall of the History Museum, the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov and the chairman of the municipal council, Alexander Durzhikov, presented the highest distinction “Honorary Citizen of Plovdiv” to the two journalists Evgeniy Todorov and posthumously to Neri Terzieva.

“Every city is as big as its honorary citizens” – this is what Evgeniy Todorov wrote in the book of honor of Plovdiv.

His award is presented for outstanding services in objective and honest journalism.

He is also the author of the books that contributed to the prestige of Plovdiv, said Alexander Durzhikov.

The chairman of the municipal council called Neri Terzieva and Evgeny Todorov the emblems of Plovdiv journalism.

The Neri award was presented to Antonia Todorova, the daughter of the two journalists.

Their son-in-law Ivan and grandson Todor were also present in the hall.

Yevgeny Todorov told a Maritsa reporter that Neri deserved the calling long ago and could have become an honorary citizen of Plovdiv 20 years ago.

He shared that he devoted one year of his life to the Unification, and Neri’s first job was to make a 3-part film “When Plovdiv was the capital of Eastern Rumelia”.

Neri’s husband said that when he looked at the list of honorary citizens of Plovdiv, he felt like a dwarf in front of some, and not so small in front of others.

“All our lives we have worked to make Plovdiv a good city to live in. They were always called Neri from Plovdiv. We were part of the television team already in the 80s, which spread the fame of Plovdiv. And when freedom came, we had to disperse. This is what happened with the Unification – after a few days nothing remained of it and Plovdiv turned into a province. But I hope that better times await the city”, wished Evgeny Todorov.

He thanked for the recognition both the former regional governor Yordan Ivanov, who made the proposal to be honored, and the Municipal Council, which accepted it.

Thanks also to those who returned the name of Neri – Neriman.

“Neriman means tenderness,” said the journalist sadly.

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