Veliko Tarnovo celebrated the Unification with a military ritual and bell ringing (photos)

Veliko Tarnovo celebrated the Unification with a military ritual and bell ringing (photos)
Veliko Tarnovo celebrated the Unification with a military ritual and bell ringing (photos)

V. Tarnovo rang a celebratory bell on the occasion of the Unification of Bulgaria. At exactly 12 o’clock on September 6, the bells in all churches and Tsarevets will ring in sync on the occasion of the 137th anniversary of the landmark historical event. Before that, the official holiday was honored with a military ritual, raising the national flag in front of the Municipality building and laying wreaths and flowers as a sign of appreciation in front of the monument in “Mother Bulgaria” park. A festive blessing was given by Father Slavcho Ivanov.
“It is September again and we, the appreciative generation, have bowed our heads before our native Tribagrenik, before the worthy work of our predecessors, who had the courage despite the Great Powers to carry out the Unification, to unite one people from both sides of the Balkans. The citizens of Veliko Tarnovo are proud that the fire of Unity was lit here, in our city, with the creation of the “Unity” committee in 1878, not far from where we are now,” said Prof. Georgi Kamarashev, Deputy- mayor of V. Tarnovo. He recalled that three distinguished citizens of Tarnovo have an exceptional role in the defense of the Union – Stefan Stambolov, gen. Sava Mutkurov and Georgi Zhivkov, not forgetting the names of three others from Resen – Andrey Lyapchev, who signed the Thessaloniki Agreement, Dr. Hristo Tatarchev, who organized the Bulgarians to fight the enslaver and Simeon Radev, who left us his works “Builders of modern Bulgaria”. After Prof. Kamarashev’s celebratory speech, the graduates of the “Vasil Drumev” PMG Sofia Rasheva and Darin Vladimirov performed the literary composition “Bulgaria, for you they died!”, with which they also recalled that on September 8, 1885 in Tarnovo, Battenberg was proclaimed Prince of North and South Bulgaria, and a little later the inscription “Union makes strength” appeared for the first time on the facade of the community center “Nadezhda” in the old capital.
The organizers of the celebrations are the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, the National Military University “Vasil Levski” and the Holy Metropolis of Veliko Tarnovo. The official celebrations were attended by representatives of all institutions, public organizations, residents and guests of the city.
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