Demerdzhiev: At least ten border police officers were involved in various migrant trafficking schemes

06 September 2022 | 13:15

/KROSS/ At least ten border policemen have participated in various migrant trafficking schemes, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev told journalists in Plovdiv.

They were in different territorial divisions of the “Border Police” on the border with Turkey.

“With the increase in migrant pressure, the processes of attracting police officers to these trafficking schemes have obviously increased,” commented Demerdzhiev.

“Internal Security” is working on clarifying this issue, in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office. We will proceed with the relocation of people for whom we do not have sufficient evidence that they are involved in such trafficking, but we have convincing data, added the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The minister also commented on the inspections related to illegal logging in the Karlovo region, which may be related to the flooding in the region. He announced that next week he and the Minister of Agriculture will carry out joint inspections and will visit other areas where there is such data.

“We will carry out on-site documentary checks of what and how it is mined and whether it is legally permitted,” explained Demerdzhiev.

According to him, if it is found that there are violations, logging outside the permitted or in unauthorized volumes and places, all actions will be taken within the powers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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