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Deputy Ivan Dzhunov in front of the memorial to the people of Vratsa who died in the wars on the wall of the Military Club in Vratsa

Photo: Iva Antonova

In Vratsa, it has been a tradition for several years that the city-wide celebration of the Unification takes place near the monument to the citizens of Vratsa who died in the wars for national unification. It is a remarkable fact that this monument, known among the local public as “The Lion”, was built with donations from relatives of the dead and mostly with funds from the sale of the book of the emblematic leader of the 35th Vratsa Regiment Colonel Vasil Taslakov. Years later, in the present day, it was he who inspired a Vratsa officer to launch a large-scale campaign to popularize the military history of Vratsa. Iva Antonova meets us with Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Junov.

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Photos: Iva Antonova

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