They are pushing Bulgaria to limit visas for Russians

They are pushing Bulgaria to limit visas for Russians
They are pushing Bulgaria to limit visas for Russians

The European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson expressed the expectation that Bulgaria will join the measures proposed today by the European Commission for the complete cancellation of the eased issuance of visas for Russians.

The proposal affects visas for the Schengen area, Johansson noted in response to a question about whether Bulgaria is also expected to implement the new measures. I am convinced that EU countries that are not yet part of Schengen will implement the proposed changes, she added.

Johansson expressed expectation that the proposal will be supported by the Council of the EU on Monday next week. She added that by the end of the week, support is also expected for the second proposal – for mandatory non-recognition of Russian passports issued to citizens of Russian-occupied regions in Ukraine. According to her, the EU is taking such a measure for the first time.

The European Commissioner added that there is no more room for trust between the EU and Russia, therefore the issuing of visas should be difficult in the future. She pointed out that due to Russia’s recall of many diplomatic and consular representatives of EU countries, the processing of visa applications from Russian citizens should be reviewed and priority should be given to those seeking visas for humanitarian reasons rather than for tourism. According to her, the new rules will give the EU countries the right to review already issued visas to Russian citizens.

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