Disclosure. Who are bringing new cops into parliament

Disclosure. Who are bringing new cops into parliament
Disclosure. Who are bringing new cops into parliament

“Since 1990, from the Great National Assembly (GNA) to the future 48th National Assembly (NA), there have been no parliaments in which among the deputies (before that and in the lists) there were no people connected to the former services.

So I expect that there will be such people in this parliament as well. Two weeks ago we checked the extra-parliamentary parties that will participate in the elections. There were also people connected to the former services on their lists and I am very interested whether these candidates will remain on the lists… I think that this time too the parties missed the chance for clean lists.”

This is what journalist Ekaterina Boncheva told Deutsche Welle.

“There were from all parties, but the most from the left parties. In recent years – also from the so-called “nationalist parties”. It is characteristic that some parties, mainly from the right, remove such people from their lists in advance, if they come across Others, however, do not remove them from the lists – like the BSP or, at the time, like Georges Ganchev’s party, which we jokingly called the DS party because there were too many people connected to the services.

I am categorical that precisely the absence of lustration is the biggest problem of the Bulgarian transition. This conviction of mine has even deepened over the years, during which I have been constantly reading the documents of the DS and observing the political practice in Bulgaria. Yes, we missed the chance for this healing process.

The very fact that we are having this conversation at the moment and are talking about whether there will be collaborators of the DS in the future 48th National Assembly is a great paradox of the Bulgarian transition. In none of the countries from the former Eastern camp, this topic is not relevant, because they did lustration, because they went on a different path compared to Bulgaria.

They realized that if you don’t clean up the past, it will keep pulling you back. In these countries, the commissions are already institutes of national memory, and we are the only ones who still wonder if there will be DS agents in the parliament. The other paradox we observe before these elections: the question of what we will choose, the East or the West, is raised publicly in a different form,” Boncheva also said.

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