United! Hundreds throw mud in Karlovsko, among them Desi Rade…

On today’s holiday, hundreds of Bulgarians from all over the country showed with their actions that the inscription on the National Assembly building – “Union makes strength” – is not just a phrase. Over 600 volunteers with shovels, buckets and wheelbarrows arrived in the villages of Slatina, Bogdan and Karavelovo in Karlovy Vary to help the people affected by the disaster.

“On the day of the Unification, Bulgarians from all over the country united and came to Karavelovo to help the people affected by the disaster,” said the mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov. Prime Minister Galab Donev was also there, who checked the actions of the institutions on the spot and promised state aid in the form of funds and construction materials.

After the flood, at least 100 people arrive on site daily. The coordination of the volunteers in the village of Karavelovo, also on a voluntary basis, is handled by Ivaylo Gagov.

“First of all, happy holiday to all Bulgarians. What can I tell you – I am shocked, I have never seen anything like this. But there is such a wave of sympathy and from the first minute of the disaster, hundreds of Bulgarians started calling,” he shared.

In the village, the river continues to flow through the streets, but a large group of volunteers from Haskovo and Sofia have arrived to help. Among them are doctors, choreographers and computer specialists. The square in front of the town hall has become a point for receiving aid.

“Today we have the pleasure to fulfill the word “combination” with a real meaning. Hundreds of Bulgarians help thousands of other Bulgarians, and not only Bulgarians. … In 18 hours we managed to collect a lot of funds, thanks to the kindness of many people. We bought 500 pairs of boots , 650 shovels, 1,200 buckets, thousands of gloves, 65 construction carts, and we provided one crawler excavator. … We will go from the urgent to the important, and in the next stage we will help people who are mostly elderly and do not have much material means. They are now left with nothing and no savings,” Nikola Rahnev, founder of “Gorata.Bg” and “Hugs from Bulgaria”, one of the organizers of the volunteer groups helping people in the affected villages of Karavelovo and Bogdan, told BNR.

In the village of Slatina, the river bed has already been hollowed out and the water does not flood the properties. The president’s wife Desislava Radeva is among the volunteers there since yesterday, reported Plovdiv24.bg. She refused to speak to journalists, saying only that she did not come for media appearances, but only to help people.

Last night Radeva spent the night in the village with the volunteers in the places allocated for them by the mayor, and this morning the star of Bulgarian gymnastics Yordan Yovchev joined the group.

“This is a tragedy. I see that people have spirit. It’s sad when you see what a disaster has happened. People are well-intentioned and concerned about each other. I hope that quick measures will be taken. The most important thing is to give courage to the people,” the Olympic vice-champion from Athens told bTV.

According to Yordan Yovchev, it is important to understand what is happening to us and to become better.

The Deputy Mayor of Karlovo Danka Lyurtova indicated to Nova TV that the main task in the village of Bogdan is to bring the river into the bed of the ravine. About 200 volunteers have arrived. On Monday, four crawler machines and six excavators were working in the field, clearing streets and yards. A committee has taken up the task of describing the damage in each house.

The heavy equipment entered the ravine this morning as well, to try for another day to clear the way for the water coming from the Balkans. After the waters receded from the homes of the most affected people, the need for material aid also appeared. About 800 people live in Bogdan. About half of the people are directly and indirectly affected by the water disaster.

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