DPS-Burgas: We will have ministers from the region

DPS-Burgas: We will have ministers from the region
DPS-Burgas: We will have ministers from the region

Strong and united, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms in the Burgas region went to the 48th National Assembly. The party opened the campaign in Aytos, rallying its elite in the region and showing that it is more united than ever.

The entire list, which consists of 28 national representatives, was presented at the event. It consists of young, but at the same time experienced people, each an expert in their field. With this strong team, DPS applied for an even better result than the last parliamentary elections in November 2021, when it realized the historic third mandate. This time, we will not only send a 4th deputy, but we will even be in power and have ministers from Burgas, they categorically stated.

Former MPs Nesrin Uzun, Durhan Mustafa and Yusein Cemil, the regional mufti Selyatin Muharem, the founder of the DPS in the Burgas region Sabri Mehmedali, the mayor of the Ruen municipality Ismail Osman, who is a member of the regional operational bureau, as well as a member of the electoral committee, came to the opening of the campaign. headquarters, Fevzi Hassan – former regional leader of the party, businessmen and public figures from the region, “Flagman” reported.

The beginning was given by the current leader Ahmed Suleiman, who is also part of the party’s list for the 48th National Assembly.

Suleiman pointed out that an unprincipled government was formed in the last elections – with the most left, most right, centrist, most extreme and newly emerging parties on the horizon. But the idea was only to consume power.

“This coalition was not created to solve the problems and lead the country out of the crises. A stable cabinet cannot be formed without the DPS. The time has come for us to participate in power to carry out our agenda. Our list, led by Sevim Ali, consists of candidates only from our region, all young people who have proven their qualities,” said Suleiman.

Addressing everyone by name, the leader Sevim Ali began his speech. He is one of the active politicians in the DPS, not only in the Burgas region, but also at the national level. Sevim Ali recalled the words of party leader Mustafa Karadai, who after the November 2021 elections praised the structure in Burgas for achieving a phenomenal, historic result.

“Now we go more confident than ever – strong and united with the team behind me that we achieved this result. We are aware of the huge responsibility that we assume, I as a leader and my colleagues from 1 to 28 position in the list – in front of the expectations of his majesty the voters of the DPS, who have problems and are waiting for their solution, responsibility to the young generation, which is the future of Bulgaria, yes remain to live and develop here, a responsibility to the adults, they built Bulgaria – that’s why we should provide them with a worthy legacy. I assure you that this team you see behind me is the best representative of our public. These are smart, educated people who know the settlements, the problems and know their solution. What we need is the tool – that is power. This power is also necessary for Bulgaria, because DPS is the only party that does not divide people,” said Sevim Ali.

He assured that not only the MPs, but the entire party’s assets will work for the implementation of the programs in order to have a modern infrastructure. Ali again called for the removal of the red dividing lines between the parties, to unite in the name of the Bulgarian citizens.

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